August 23-26, 2016
Alexandria, VA
Airfield Operations, Safety, Planning and Construction
Prove your expertise on operating and maintaining your airfield’s lighting systems safely and efficiently, by achieving your ACE Lighting designation. The course covers detailed electrical theory and proven maintenance techniques while educating and challenging airport personnel with airfield lighting maintenance responsibilities.
August 23-25, 2016
Ottawa, Canada
The unique format of this event will allow participants to structure their own breakout sessions based on six key areas of focus: Baggage Handling, Human Resources, Social Responsibility, the Airport as a Responsible Neighbor, Customer Service and Automation, and Airport Day of Flight Operations. Panels of industry experts will introduce the challenges and opportunities in each topic before delegates form discussion sessions of their own choosing. It will be a rare opportunity for delegates to learn from each other through extensive networking sessions with their peers.
August 23-24, 2016
Denver, CO
Finance & Legal
Terminal Operations
General Aviation
The AAAE/AMCG Sponsor Assurances, Leasing Policies and Minimum Standards Workshop will be held immediately following the AAAE General Aviation Issues and Security Conference, August 22–24, 2016. This workshop will be lead by Paul Meyers and Jeff Kohlman of Aviation Management Consulting Group who, together, have more than 55 years of aviation, operations, management and customer service experience, including general aviation management consulting.
August 25-November 3, 2016
The objective of the Certified Member Prep Webinar Series is to help those enrolled in the C.M. and A.A.E. programs review the most difficult areas of the modules, so they are better prepared for the multiple-choice exam and final interview.

Mr. Scott Malta, A.A.E.

Airport Manager
Castle Airport

Member Spotlight

Joined AAAE: 2000

What has being involved in AAAE meant to your career? Excellent training and networking opportunities.

What's in your carry on?  My computer and IPad.

Favorite Airport Code? MER

Airside or Landside? Airside