Transportation Security Clearinghouse

Built By Airports For Airports

The AAAE Transportation Security Clearinghouse is the only Designated Aviation Channeler with nearly fifteen years of airport experience. The Clearinghouse is part of AAAE’s constant advocacy efforts on behalf of airports to ensure that airport interests, from the badging office and beyond, are represented at the federal level. That is why the Clearinghouse remains proud to be the only DAC that answers to airports—not shareholders.

More than four years after other channelers entered the market seeking to penetrate the airport market, the Clearinghouse continues to remain the choice for hundreds of airports across the country.

Why Choose The Clearinghouse?

Dedication - AAAE is dedicated to advancing airport interests—the Clearinghouse is just one of the ways AAAE pursues that mission.

Innovation - The Clearinghouse has deployed a fully upgraded platform to deliver industry leading features, stability and reliability.

Experience - The Clearinghouse pioneered aviation channeling on behalf of airports more than a decade ago. No other DAC possesses this level of understanding of the unique needs of airports and the processes and systems that support the TSA’s aviation worker program.

Commitment To Airports
Service to airports isn’t a new line of business for AAAE; it’s our sole mission and purpose. It’s the goal that drives us every day. At its core, the AAAE Clearinghouse exists to provide service to airports – our customers and our members - and we’re committed to being there for airports for the long-haul. Airports aren’t a profit center - airports are our members and valued partners.

These are just some of the reasons why hundreds of airports choose the AAAE Transportation Security Clearinghouse every day. Learn more by calling the Clearinghouse at 703.797.2550.