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Airport Market Match

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Market Match is an Accelerator service targeted at gathering rapid feedback and finding piloting opportunities.

Following a Lean Start-up approach, Market Match participants engage airport leaders to rapidly:

  • Assess market need
  • Generate market awareness
  • Connect directly with end-users (airports) to:
    • ​Rapidly refine the solution for airports
    • Uncover powerful piloting opportunities

Solution areas include, but are not limited to, customer experience, landside operations, airside operations, safety & security, and environmental.

Interested innovators agree to the terms and fees of the Market Match program.

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  The Issues: Great solutions have no good
      way to reach airports.
     The Approach: Connect great solutions to the 
          airports that need them. 
   The Results: A clear and actionable path          
           for airport success.                                  
Innovators waste time and 
money on ineffective marketing 
and products that do not match
the market needs.
     Market Match accelerates 
     solution acceptance in three
     key steps:
   Market Match results in:
Airports don't get the new 

     1. Refine product placement;
     2. Raise awareness and
         validate market demand;
     3. Uncover pilot opportunities.
   1. Validated need;
   2. Better products for airports;
   3. Redefined marketing message;
   4. Opportunities to pilot and grow.