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Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority. Ensures integration of emergency management plans developed by and among all airports authority offices. Coordinates with and serves as liaison to federal, state and local agencies, airport tenants, and emergency relief, community service, business, and industrial organizations regarding emergency management planning activities. Assists in coordinating, designing, conducting and evaluating emergency preparedness training activities. Provides guidance, training and advice to airports authority offices for developing emergency, disaster, and business continuity plans. Conducts research and prepares and presents reports on preparedness status and activities, as well as on proposed legislation affecting airports authority emergency management plans. Assesses, analyzes and evaluates airports authority emergency management plans (including preparedness, response, recovery, mitigation, and business continuity plans), policies, practices, procedures, and capabilities to identify deficiencies and to identify training needs. Participates in briefings of local elected officials, visiting officials, and others regarding the airports authority's emergency and disaster management programs. For additional information, visit http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/6373479.
Web: http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/6373479

San Francisco International Airport. Salary range: $103,714-$132,340. San Francisco International Airport (SFO) is looking for a dynamic leader to assist with managing the airport's $942 million annual operating budget and $4.4 billion 10-year maintenance and capital plan. If you have outstanding managerial and leadership skills and can commit to carrying out SFO's core values and mission while providing leadership to professional and consultant staff and effectively meet deadlines, then we encourage you to apply for this fantastic opportunity. For more information, visit: http://www.jobaps.com/SF/sup/bulpreview.asp?R1=PBT&R2=0931&R3=063641.
Web: http://www.jobaps.com/SF/sup/bulpreview.asp?R1=PBT&R2=0931&R3=063641

Kenton County Airport Board (KCAB), Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, Hebron, Ky. Responsible for the management of airside operations, including the associated safety and compliance programs, projects and contracts. Manages airside operations policies and procedures in compliance with KCAB and other local, state and federal laws and regulations. Leads all associated committees and programs associated with the safe and compliant airside operations. Provides expert professional assistance and support for all airside operations matters. Visit the airport's website at http://CVGairport.com/jobs for more details.
Web: http://CVGairport.com/jobs

Salary $58,196-$86,298. The Broward County Aviation Department seeks an experienced project manager II, who will implement construction projects from design initiation through close-out of construction. Requires graduation from an accredited four-year college/university with major course work in civil engineering, construction management or field of specialization appropriate to area of assignment; four years of program responsibility experience in professional engineering and/or construction management work appropriate to area of assignment; or any equivalent combination of relevant training and experience. Applicants selected for employment with the Broward County Aviation Department will be subject to extensive security screening, fingerprint checks, employment verification and other procedures as mandated by federal law as a continuing condition of employment. The aviation department operates under a drug-free workplace policy in compliance with provisions of the federal drug-free workplace Act of 1988. Florida drivers license is required. Apply by 5 p.m. Aug. 15, 2014, at www.broward.org/careers.
Web: http://www.broward.org/careers

Salary $60,856-$97,494. The Broward County Aviation Department seeks an experienced accountant IV who will plan, organize and control all aspects of capital projects and fixed assets finance and accounting for department. Requires graduation From an accredited four-year university with major course work in accounting; six years of program responsibility, professional experience in governmental accounting, including two years of experience in a supervisory capacity; or any equivalent combination of relevant training and experience. Applicants selected for employment with the Broward County Aviation Department will be subject to extensive security screening, fingerprint checks, employment verification and other procedures as mandated by federal law as a continuing condition of employment. The aviation department operates under a drug-free workplace policy in compliance with provisions of the federal Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988. Florida drivers license is required. Apply by 5 p.m. Aug. 15, 2014, at www.broward.org/careers.
Web: http://www.broward.org/careers

Nashville. Under general administrative direction and reporting directly to the vice president and chief financial officer (CFO), the assistant vice president of finance is the number two position in the finance department. Has primary responsibility for financial reporting and treasury functions of the Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority (MNAA) and the MNAA Properties Corporation (MPC), working to ensure all financial reporting is accomplished in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and specific directives, while exercising highly independent judgment. For additional information, visit http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/6364407.
Web: http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/6364407

Houston. Provides research, data and analysis as necessary to support strategic planning initiatives and decision-making. Develops strategic planning process and schedule documentation, and disseminates throughout the HAS organization as necessary to support the strategic planning process. Provides of support to the chief strategy officer with the development and periodic updating of the HAS strategic plan, including implementation of the strategic planning process, facilitation of workshops and planning meetings, and documentation of strategic planning outputs. Provides direction, coaching and support to HAS divisions and staff teams with the development of priorities, goals, objectives and action plans developed as part of the HAS strategic planning process. Working with senior staff as required, develops of key performance measures to track and report progress towards achievement of goals and objectives. For additional information, visit http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/6364516.
Web: http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/6364516

DY Consultants, a full-service airport planning/engineering consulting firm, is seeking a senior aviation engineer for design and construction projects (Garden City, N.Y.). Serves as part of a team of designers working on nationwide projects, such as pavement design, obstruction removal, NAVAIDs, drainage, SWPPP, airfield lighting/marking and management of associated construction services. Provides an excellent opportunity for career growth. Interviews will be awarded upon review of candidates ability to meet qualifications. Responsibilities: Preparing design plans and specification per FAA Advisory Circulars; project management with ability to lead a team of engineers and construction managers; and client management, including day-to-day communication. For additional information, visit http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/6356721.
Web: http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/6356721

DY Consultants, a full-service airport planning/engineering consulting firm, is seeking a senior aviation planner (New York, N.Y.). Participates in the development/implementation and project management of airport master plans, airport layout plans, land-use and noise compatibility studies, system-planning studies, benefit cost analysis, obstruction studies, environmental assessment, delay reduction studies, airfield and terminal modeling studies and financial planning. Provides an excellent opportunity for career growth. Interviews will be awarded upon review of candidates ability to meet qualifications. For additional information, visit http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/6363822.
Web: http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/6363822

DFW has recently established the role of SVP-IT with overall responsibility for setting the strategic technological direction and delivery of innovative products to the airport This SVP-IT will lead a team of approximately 150 people and be responsible for application development, infrastructure, terminal systems, disaster recovery, and security. For additional information, visit http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/6366814.
Web: http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/6366814

In order to continue to support the growth and expansion of Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, recruiting for an SVP, customer experience. The SVP, customer experience provides key leadership for the airport by performing strategic-level work to elevate DFW to be a global airport leader in the area of customer service and create a customer centric culture. Leads the organization to collaborate to provide world-class customer service and manages the customer experience by creating a strategic vision and delivering innovative and effective products and services. Responsibilites as SVP, customer experience include (but are not limited to): Building a client centric relationship to grow stronger long-term ties with the customer; developing and implementing avenues to continually solicit and obtain customer feedback; developing a consistent customer brand across all communications channels; and collaborating with external groups to improve customer experience. For additional information, visit http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/6366803.
Web: http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/6366803

DFW International Airport. Responsible for directing all aspects of airport development including master planning, engineering, physical plant development and construction work, and all aspects of real estate and commercial development. Provides key leadership support to help guide overall strategic planning of the airport; the development, acquisition, leasing and property management of airports property and facilities; and design and construction of facilities in fulfillment of airport master plan. For additional information, visit http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/6366818.
Web: http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/6366818

DFW International Airport. Responsible for directing all aspects of global business development at DFW, including air service development, international marketing, international public affairs and all aspects of government affairs. For additional information, visit http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/6366823.
Web: http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/6366823

Performs responsible professional and administrative work in planning, organizing, and managing daily and long-range airport people mover operations and maintenance programs, including responsibility for a comprehensive maintenance program of computers, electronics, train, guideway, and maintenance control system functions. Directs the design, fabrication, modification, testing, expansion, contract administration, maintenance, and operations of all DFW people movers. Acts independently to develop capital programs, section procedures, establish and attain section goals and objectives, and administer ongoing programs. Exercises supervision directly and through functional area supervisors. Work is reviewed through conferences and reports. Become familiar with the basics of DFW Airports Environmental Management System & Environmental Policy and implement Best Management & Good Housekeeping Practices. For additional information, visit http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/6367002.
Web: http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/6367002

Innovative Emergency Management, Inc. (IEM) has an immediate opening for an aviation planner in its Morrisville, N.C. office. Seekinjg a former airport supervisor/manager to assist with FAA 5010 assessments, airport/emergency planning, airport research, and other duties as required. Must demonstrate knowledge of airport operations and services of FAA Part 139a airports. Candidate must understand safety of runways, taxiways, and ramps for air traffic; working knowledge of maintenance and development of Airport facilities and grounds. For additional information, visit http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/6358654.
Web: http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/6358654

Plans, oversees, manages and directs all activities of Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport. Reports directly to the airport governing board. Responsibilities include working with the assistant airport director and various department directors to manage and direct the financial, business, security, land, planning, construction, operations, marketing, and related functions of the airport. Must have knowledge of FAA regulations related to airport operations, DHS/TSA regulations related to airport security, and grant programs related to airport operations, capital improvements and security. For additional information, visit http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/6358846.
Web: http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/6358846

Massachusetts Port Authority. Manages, coordinates and implements data management systems to track and monitor authority-wide sustainability goals. Duties include, but are not limited to, implementation of projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, implementation of programs to support green procurement and other projects related to sustainability. For additional information, visit http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/6360793.
Web: http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/6360793

Philadelphia. Project management work directing the planning and implementation of architectural and/or engineering design and construction phases of projects in a designated specialty area. An employee in this class is responsible for all project-related administrative requirements and serves as project manager for successive design and construction projects of considerable diversity and complexity. The employee directs the activities of a staff that may be composed of engineering and/or architectural personnel with technical support staff and outside contracts and consultants. Work includes preparing, reviewing and approving designs, plans, specifications and contract documents, resolving construction contract disputes, and rendering final inspection and approval of completed construction work. For additional information, visit http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/6358718.
Web: http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/6358718

New Braunfels, Texas. Organizes, coordinates, participates, and supervises the maintenance, and operation of the Citys Regional Airport. Supervises and performs fuel sales and servicing of aircraft; maintains adequate fuel and lubricant inventory; maintains all necessary records; prepares deposits of daily receipts; handles collection of accounts receivable and orders appropriate inventory. Enforces rules and regulations of Airport operations; collects accounts receivable for airport incurred changes such as tie-down fees, landing fees and hangar and land rental charges. Establishes and maintains good working relationships and liaison with Airport users and businesses located at the Airport; coordinates public events and tours. Supervises and participates in the maintenance and repair of equipment used at the Airport including but not limited to trucks, tractors, mowers, pumps, electrical systems, water systems, etc. This position will close at 5 p.m. Aug. 15, 2014. For additional information, visit http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/6361882
Web: http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/6361882

Massachusetts Port Authority. Monitors aircraft noise impacts for Hanscom Field. Acts as a liaison between Massport and the aviation (pilots) and residential communities. Assists in administration of aircraft operational fee collections. Assists the manager, airport administration. For additional information, visit http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/6357836.
Web: http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/6357836

Sci-Tek Consultants, Inc., a civil, environmental and geotechnical engineering and consulting firm, is currently seeking engineers with eight to 12 years of experience working at airports for its Philadelphia office. The successful candidate will: 1. Plan, manage, and coordinate design and construction projects 2. Assist with preparation of contract bids and contract negotiations 3. Prepare and track project budgets and schedules 4. Prepare status reports and interface with the public and clients 5. Ensure quality standards are met. Essential functions/skills: 1. Ability to work on multiple projects, set priorities and meet established schedules 2. Critical thinking and problem solving skills 3. Strong verbal and written communication. Minimum qualifications: B.S. in engineering; eight to 12 years of project management experience at airports; proficiency in using Microsoft Office applications and industry specific software. Sci-Tek offers competitive compensation, including health benefits and 401K Simple Plan, and is an equal opportunity employer. For additional information, visit http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/6358496.
Web: http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/6358496

Works under the direction of the Dickinson Municipal Airport Authority Board. Responsible for the planning, directing, managing and overseeing the activities of Dickinson Theodore Roosevelt Regional Airport. Ensures compliance with local state and federal laws and regulations regarding airport operations, security, zoning, construction and administration. Promotes the airport, and the economic development of the region. For additional information, visit http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/6358513.
Web: http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/6358513

Peoria, Ill. Requires a motivated individual to coordinate terminal, airside and landside operations at Peoria International Airport and Mount Hawley Airport. Ensures airport compliance with the provisions of the airport certification manual, emergency plan, snow removal plan, security plan, federal aviation regulations, airport rles and regulations, and other federal, state and local ordinances. Conducts inspections to assure safety, security and efficiency of operations. Coordinates airport activities with police, ARFF and other emergency personnel during incidents. Conducts SIDA and FAR 139 required training for tenants and employees. Coordinates and assists with snow removal operations. Requires a bachelor's degree in aviation management or a related field or equivalent combination of education and experience. Salary range $30,000-$40,000. Submit resume by 4:30 p.m. CDT Aug. 22, 2014, to Director of Airports, Metropolitan Airport Authority of Peoria, 6100 W. Everett McKinley Dirksen Parkway, Peoria, IL 61607. For additional information, visit http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/6358569.
Web: http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/6358569

Johnson County, Kan. Responsible for coordinating and managing all aviation-related activities at two general aviation airports. This includes construction, compliance with federal and state regulations, overseeing aviation tenant activities, aviation security, and maintaining a relationship with the aviation community. Responsible for all departmental administrative functions, including accounts receivable, accounts payable and payroll. Also oversees lease management, drafts the annual budget and ensures adherence to approved expenditure amounts, and oversees general administrative functions. Also functions as the executive director in the director's absence and as directed. For additional information, visit http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/6358633.
Web: http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/6358633

St.Paul, Minn. Responsible for managing KLJ projects in a timely, accurate and cost-effective manner, including preparation of plans and specifications per FAA Advisory circulars, overall project management and oversight, construction administration and oversight. Manages projects worth a minimum of $500,000 in fees. Responsible for project budgets and schedules. Reviews for quality assurance and quality control and ensures compliance with KLJ quality standards. Participates in and facilitates meetings. Effectively deals with difficult situations and confrontation both internally and externally. Utilizes effective written and oral communication. Manages multiple project teams. Provides direction, review and support to the group by leading projects and assuring proper practices and techniques. Assists with and coordinates client management activities. Confers with project team members and clients to lead, prepare and participate in project proposals and interviews. May have supervisory responsibilities for group members and support staff, including hiring, promoting, terminations, performance reviews and training. EOE/Minorities/Females/Vet/Disability. For additional information, visit http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/6356583.
Web: http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/6356583

Minot, N.D. Responsible for design, specifications, plans, maps, project schedule and budgets. Reviews for quality assurance and quality control and ensures compliance with KLJ quality standards. Responsible for contracts, scope of services, and budgets. Provides coordination of contractors. Participates in and facilitates meetings with stakeholders and clients. Instructs, trains and mentors group members. Effectively deals with difficult situations and confrontation both internally and externally. May respond to RFPs and lead interviews. May prepare forecast of workload and monitor backlog. May be responsible for workgroup financials and quality goals. May market to existing or potential clients and obtain work. May serve as a project engineer, project manager, or client manager and provide overall project oversight. Public involvement may include reports, graphics, presentations, and other visual material. EOE/Minorities/Females/Vet/Disability.
Web: http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/6356605

Mead & Hunt, Inc., a nationally recognized professional services consulting firm, has a position available for a project manager to work with its architecture and building engineering group in its Portland, Ore., office. Works primarily on aviation building projects, but also other types of facilities as required and will be responsible for successfully managing a multi-disciplinary team comprised of engineering and architectural staff. Responsibilities include client management; communication with design team and client; management of design and documentation process; development of project scopes, fees and schedules; preparation of contracts; oversight of budgets, schedules, and tasks. Travel will be required. For additional information, visit http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/6351514.
Web: http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/6351514

Monroe, La. Under the supervision of the director of operations and security, manages and oversees the day-to-day maintenance functions for all Monroe Regional Airport grounds, facilities, systems, and equipment, both airside and landside. This includes all terminal systems, airfield movement areas, airfield lighting, mowing operations, and all equipment and personnel performing these duties. The maintenance supervisor is required to perform work of average difficulty all while directing the maintenance and custodial staff under his supervision. Responsible for keeping proper maintenance records, ordering parts and equipment and supervising the receipt of those shipments, and recommending changes to, or implementation of, policies and procedures pertaining to airport maintenance. Within the first year of employment, the successful applicant will be required to attend training for airfield operations and maintenance; attend training for the various types of terminal systems; and obtain their herbicide applicators license. For additional information, visit http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/6349206.
Web: http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/6349206

The CIAA is about to embark on some major developments at Owen Roberts International Airport (Grand Cayman) and also Charles Kirkconnell International Airport (Cayman Brac). This will involve a number of projects over the next one to two years. Reporting to the CEO, a suitably qualified and experienced project manager is required for the successful delivery of major (up to $30 million in value) airport development projects through all project stages from inception to completion. These projects will be delivered by both traditional means (design/bid/build delivery), and through public private partnerships where appropriate. Post holder duties involve providing high quality project management of these projects through all stages of the project lifecycle. For additional information, visit http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/6351688.
Web: http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/6351688

Horry County, S.C. Under limited supervision, manages all aviation fire suppression, prevention and emergency medical services. Manages, plans and directs all aircraft rescue and fire fighting (ARFF) operations; reviews work of subordinates for completeness and accuracy. Manages the airport safety and training program at all airport properties. Manages and monitors the airport emergency plan at Myrtle Beach International Airport. Reports to the assistant director of airports. For additional information, visit http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/6348645.
Web: http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/6348645

El Paso, Texas. Closing date/time: Aug. 1, 11:59 p.m. Mountain Time. Salary: $20.37-$30.12 hourly, $1,629.30-$2,409.74 biweekly, $3,530.16-$5,221.11 monthly, $42,361.92-$62,653.27 annually. Apply online at http://home.elpasotexas.gov/human-resources/employment.php. Candidate must have: A bachelor's degree in business, aviation administration and two years of professional or managerial airport operations and administration experience at an FAA certified civilian or comparable airport, or bachelor's degree in aviation management and one year of experience in a comparable assistant airport operations officer position at a similarly sized FAA certificated airport. Licenses and Certificates: Texas Class C driver's license or equivalent from another state. Under direction, oversees and ensures the continuity of El Paso International Airport operations on assigned tour of duty, including the safe operation of air carrier aircraft on the airfield, public safety, airport security and ground transportation services. For additional information, visit http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/6344490.
Web: http://home.elpasotexas.gov/human-resources/employment.php

Lee County Port Authority. Responsible for ensuring the airport is operating in accordance with various federal, state and local rules/regulations 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Performs inspections of terminal buildings, terminal ramps, fixed base operations, cargo ramps, perimeter fencing, taxiways, runways, fueling facilities, parking lots and rental car facilities. Responds to emergency situations/locations and establishes on-scene command post. For additional information, visit http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/6348856.
Web: http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/6348856

Port of Oakland. Under direction, manages communication between Oakland International Airport and its key publics to build, manage and sustain its positive image. The incumbent in this advanced journey-level classification performs a full range of duties in the public relations and marketing field. Also performs highly independent and specialized public relations work, and may provide lead direction for professional and support staff. Responsible for handling and maintaining a positive relationship with the media.For additional information, visit http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/6346830.
Web: http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/6346830

Crescent City, Calif. Annual salary: $69,755-$84,78 Plans, organizes, co-ordinates and directs the work of airport personnel to maintain and manage a Part 139 airport and two rural airport fields. Responsiblities include, but are not limited to, construction management, permitting projects, daily operations, maintenance, lease management, regulatory compliance, budget, grants, airport land use, commercial deveopment and coordination. Develops and directs the implementaion of goals, objectives, policies, procedures and work standard for the Airport Authority. Performs a variety of professional airport duties including preparation and/or approval of design, contract review and project management. Develops and implements management systems, procedures and standards for program evaluation. Directs the preparation of a variety of studies and reports relating to current and long-range airport construction and capital improvement needs. Develops specific proposals to meet them. For further information on duties, benefits and qualifications, and/or to apply, download an application package online at www.co.del-norte.ca.us or call (707) 464-7213.
Web: http://www.co.del-norte.ca.us

Provides information technology security administration for the Clark County (Nev.) Department of Aviation. Maintains department of aviation's business recovery plan and conducts disaster recovery testing. This recruitment will establish an open competitive and promotional list to fill current and/or future vacancies that may occur within the next six months. for additional information, visit http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/6341972.
Web: http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/6341972

Mead & Hunt. Responsibilities include designing and construction administration of airport projects; preparing reports, cost estimates, specifications, plans, schedules, studies, and permits; assisting with client contact and communication pertaining to specific projects; and may serve as an on-site project representative during construction. Some travel will be required. The successful candidate must possess all of the following: bachelors degree or higher in civil engineering; at least five years of relevant civil engineering experience; P.E. license. The ideal candidate will have airport design and construction administration experience; Michigan P.E. license; AutoCAD Civil 3D design and plan development experience; MS Office software (Excel, Word, Project, PowerPoint) experience; experience with surveying and materials testing. The ideal candidate also will have excellent communication skills; ability to work independently, as well as part of a team. Submit resumes and cover letters by Aug. 6, 2014, to Mead & Hunt, Inc., Attn: Req. #675, 6501 Watts Rd., Madison, WI 53719, www.meadhunt.com. EOE Minorities/Females/Veterans/Disabled.

The Adams County, Colo., and Front Range Airport are seeking a dynamic airport director with extensive airport management, leadership, strategic planning, marketing, economic development and project planning experience. Requires experience in economic development, strategic planning, financial management with large budgets and strong tenant relations skills. The airport director will develop goals, objectives and metrics aligned with the county mission and policy; direct all airport functions including safety, security, operations, maintenance, planning and development, fiscal governance, business development and promote and direct public relations to include community, military, business civic/school organizations and the media; and develop a plan to diversify revenue sources. To learn more about this position, visit: www.aviationcareerservices.com/jobs-2.
Web: http://www.aviationcareerservices.com/jobs-2

Milwaukee, Wis. Under general supervision, assists in the control of daily operations of county-owned airports; assists with ensuring compliance with federal, state and local airport safety and security regulations; transmits or cancels airfield notices; disseminates airport operations information; dispatches personnel according to established procedures during emergencies involving aircraft accidents, bomb threats, civil disturbance, air piracy, structural fires, radiological incidents, natural disasters, fire alarms and personal injuries; monitors and operates security system; monitors fire alarm system; monitors the Surface System Computer for changes on runway surface conditions; monitors and retrieves weather information from the Weather Center computer; receives runway friction readings; transmits and receives information over four different radio frequencies; maintains daily work log; initializes the Airports Emergency Notification System; tracks flights for billing purposes; assists in coordinating snow removal activities; performs other duties as may be assigned. http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/6334482.
Web: http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/6334482

Dayton, Ohio. Enforces airport ordinances and FAA regulations applicable to airport users, tenants, contractors and the public. Coordinates the building maintenance and housekeeping staff and activities at Dayton International Airport, Dayton Wright Brothers Airport and the Dayton Heliport on a 24-hour, seven-day-per-week basis. Assists the operations/maintenance coordinator in the development of specifications and bid appraisal process for building maintenance services and equipment to ensure maximum necessary service at the lowest cost. Supervises the runway checks, airfield signage, terminal cleaning, general repair, staff services, heating and air conditioning equipment and structural problems that may arise. Online application must be submitted by Aug. 7, 2014, to jobs.daytonohio.gov.
Web: http://jobs.daytonohio.gov

.The Allegheny County (Pa.) Airport Authority is seeking a highly dynamic, energetic leader and spokesperson to serve as the authoritys CEO. In addition to managing the authoritys daily operations, the CEO will represent the authority as its chief marketer to the residential and business community on a local, regional, national and international level, as well as to the airline and airport industry and all other stakeholders to maximize the potential of the airport system thereby increasing customer service and air service to and from the authority. For additional information, visit http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/6334680.
Web: http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/6334680

Richmond, Va. Capital Region Airport Commission is currently accepting applications for building maintenance manager to join its staff at Richmond International Airport. Supervises the staff and activities of the building maintenance departments. Minimum of five years of hands-on experience, and three years of progressive supervisory experience in maintenance is required. Possession of a valid Virginia State Journeyman or Master Card in at least one of the building trade areas is mandatory or ability to obtain one within one year. Competitive salary range $55K - $70K with benefits. No relocation benefits will be provided. For additional information, visit http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/6332005.
Web: http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/6332005

The Boca Raton (Fla.) Airport Authority (BRAA), operator of Boca Raton Airport, is accepting letters of interest and resumes for security and maintenance coordinator. Responsible administrative and professional work of more than average difficulty assisting in the day-to-day functions associated with the operations, safety, maintenance and security of Boca Raton Airport in accordance with local, state and federal requirements. The ideal candidate will possess strong knowledge of laws and regulations related to airport and aircraft operations; strong knowledge of security practices and technology; knowledge of emergency procedures and implementation practices; and knowledge of project management and maintenance activities. For additional information, visit http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/6332264.
Web: http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/6332264

Raleigh/Durham, N.C. Performs professional and administrative work in planning, directing, reviewing and evaluating the activities of the operational asset management department. The ideal candidate will apply extensive facility management principles, practices, and contract management knowledge in the development of comprehensive and cost effective programs for the preventive maintenance and repair of airport facilities and infrastructure to ensure optimum operational capabilities at all times. To be considered, must be a graduate from an accredited four-year college or university with a degree in architecture, engineering, facilities management or related degree, plus, have received the designation of Certified Facilities Manager (CFM), or possess the ability to attain such licensure within a 12-month period. Any equivalent combination of education and experience will also be considered. See the full job posting and application requirements at www.rdu.com.
Web: http://www.rdu.com

Naples, Fla. Responsible for overseeing the airport noise program for the City of Naples Airport Authority. Work involves responding to the public regarding aircraft noise concerns; promoting noise abatement procedures among all airport users; and working with an established committee to enhance the airport noise program. Assists the deputy executive director with public outreach and communications with various stakeholders, and administrative support. Bachelors degree (B.A.) from a four-year college or university in aviation management, planning, business or public administration, or other appropriate field, and one year of responsible airport noise program experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of closely related training, education and experience. Salary commensurate with experience. Excellent benefits. Applications due by Aug. 6, 2014. NAA applications must be completed in full for consideration for this position. Application and job description available at the City of Naples Airport Authority, Administration Office, 160 Aviation Drive North, Naples FL 34104, or the airport's website at http://www.flynaples.com/naples-airport-authority/job-opportunities. EOE/V/H/Male/Female/Pre-employment drug screening and fingerprinting required. Veterans preference provided for eligible positions.
Web: http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/6321387

san antonio
The City of San Antonio Aviation Department is seeking a consultant to perform a feasibility study for the implementation of common use at San Antonio International Airport. Questions concerning this RFP should be directed to Marisol Amador, procurement specialist III, at marisol.amador@sanantonio.gov. The City of San Antonio has implemented the San Antonio eProcurement System, (SAePS). To receive a copy of this RFP all vendors must first register online at http://www.sanantonio.gov/purchasing/SAePS.aspx. A pre-submittal conference will be held at 1:30 p.m., Central Time, July 15, 2014, at San Antonio International Airport, Terminal A Mezzanine Conference Room A, 9800 Airport Blvd., San Antonio, TX 78216. All proposals must be received no later than 11 a.m., Central Time, Aug. 4, 2014, in the Office of the City Clerk, P.O. Box 839966, San Antonio, TX 78283-3966, or 2nd floor of City Hall, 100 Military Plaza, San Antonio, TX 78205, or may be submitted electronically through the SAePS system.
Email: marisol.amador@sanantonio.gov
Web: http://www.sanantonio.gov/purchasing/SAePS.aspx

Sugar Land, Texas. Reporting to the director of aAviation, the assistant director of aviation - planning and development is responsible for all airport planning and development, operations, maintenance, and U.S. Customs, including, but not limited to, managing the day-to-day operations, airfield maintenance, landside maintenance, facilities maintenance, and U.S. Customs. Requires an energetic person to be engaged in working with airport tenants, vendors, consultants, Texas Department of Transportation, Aviation Division, and FAA. Manages and overseas the airport's planning, design and construction activities with additional responsibility for the fiscal oversight of the divisions budget, as well as environmental programs on the airport. Oversees employees in planning and development, operations and maintenance, and serves as a liaison with onsite U.S. Customs. For additional information, visit http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/6316339.
Web: http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/6316339

Port of Oakland. Under general supervision, performs work involving a variety of duties essential to the 24-hour operation of an international airport. The scope of the work includes airside and landside operations in support of airside inspection, parking and ground transportation, general aviation aircraft basing, ID badge/access control programs, as well as other airside and landside functions. This is outdoor work involving shift work, including weekends and holidays. For additional information, visit http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/6315767.
Web: http://careercenter.aaae.org/jobs/6315767

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