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In today's complex operational and regulatory environments, AAAE delivers products and services tailored to meet airport needs. From our patented interactive employee training programs to the Transportation Security Clearinghouse and the Passenger Advisory at Security Screening (PASS), AAAE delvers innovative, cost-effective solutions to airport problems. Unlike traditional dues-driven associations, AAAE thrives by meeting its members' needs with products and services that they want and need. This approach ensures responsiveness and spurs innovation in solving unique and difficult problems facing airports and the aviation industry. AAAE has a rich history of innovation, including:

IET, AAAE's customizable, cost-effective computer-based training and testing system is designed to provide a consistent training message coupled with a user-friendly record-keeping function. AAAE IETs have trained more than 1 million airport workers at a fraction of the price of other training programs.

PASS+ is a customizable digital signage system that helps speed airline passengers through screening checkpoints and that delivers key information. Numerous airports and others including AMTRAK have recognized the benefits of AAAE's Pass+ system.

Created after 9/11 to process biometric and biographic background checks, the Transportation Security Clearinghouse is the world's largest civilian clearinghouse. The TSC has dramatically reduced wait times and costs to airports and the aviation industry while keeping airport concerns at the forefront on critical vetting and credentialing policy issues.

The Web-based ANTN Digicast gives airport users 24/7 on-line access to education, training, news and information. ANTN Digicast also has interactive training capabilities.