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AAAE is the world's largest provider of interactive airport training and has spent years developing and refining various delivery methods for necessary and required airport training. From customized computer-based training systems to on-site training courses, AAAE offers a host of cost-effective approaches that complement each other and provide a powerful training program aimed at keeping airports in compliance with federal regulations and employees prepared for the day-to-day challenges they face at their airport.

More than 90 airports rely on AAAE's customized Interactive Employee Training (IET) system to keep their employees trained. The patented IET system delivers training, testing and recordkeeping in a cost-effective, efficient way, allowing airports to determine the content and depth of their training courses.

Since 1954, the Accredited Airport Executive (A.A.E.) designation has been the hallmark of the airport profession, and executive members have been the nucleus of AAAE. The A.A.E. designation is a distinct honor in the aviation industry, one that stands for achievement and ability.

AAAE's on-site training programs, covering all aspects of airport management, operations, and administration, are customized to fit each airport's needs, and are taught by experienced aviation management professionals. Airports large and small take advantage of AAAE's on-site programs to help their employees meet the day-to-day challenges of running an airport.

AAAE offers the Certified Member Program (C.M.) to Affiliate, Associate, Participating, Corporate, Military and Academic Graduate members. The C.M. designation is a useful credential for individuals seeking employment within the airport management profession, for professionals who interface with airport executives and for airport personnel who may not wish to complete the full accreditation process.

ANTN Digicast, AAAE's Web-based training and information service, has been providing thousands of airport employees with video training on every aspect needed to run an airport: operations, maintenance, security, customer service, and more. The system is accessible from any Web-based computer, and one flat fee pays for all of an airport's employees to access the system. Visit to learn more about this cost-effective service.