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ANTN Digicast

For more than a decade, the ANTN Digicast video training system has been providing thousands of airport employees with on-demand video training on every aspect needed to run an airport: operations, maintenance, security, customer service, human resources, and more.

ANTN Digicast programming is accessible online via any Web-enabled computer. Click here to browse the site and the videos it has to offer, or watch this short video on Digicast's features and benefits for your airport.

ANTN Digicast is:

  • Flexible. It's available 24/7/365, allowing employees to train when it's convenient for you AND them.
  • Traceable. Its Automated Airport Training and Safety Institute (ATSI) feature tracks and logs employee training credits, allowing Part 139 airports to use ANTN Digicast as part of their required recurrent training program.
  • Affordable. One low subscription price covers all of your employees, tenants and contractors.
  • Mobile. We deliver training through both iOS and Android devices.
  • Resourceful. The On-Demand Training Video Library, with thousands of hours of programming, is always just a few mouse clicks away.
  • Educational. A.A.E.s can earn CEU credits.

ANTN Digicast is updated regularly with high quality training programs, industry conference highlights and industry-related breaking news. For more information on the system, visit or contact Trina Hadden, ANTN Digicast manager, at (703) 824-0500, ext. 162, or Interested in trying the system out? Contact Trina to set up a free, no-obligation 30-day trial for your airport.