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Training Certifications

ACE Certification Programs

AAAE introduced four, focused certification programs to benefit airport personnel at large and small airports across the United States. Known as the Airport Certified Employee (ACE) programs, public-use airport and military personnel, in addition to those interested in the airport industry, may obtain a thorough and up-to-date education in four disciplines: Airfield Operations, Airfield Lighting Maintenance, Security and Communications. For more details on each program, including course content, cost and how to enroll, please click on the ACE program links to the right. 
For additional information about the ACE Certification Programs please contact the following individuals in regards to the respective disciplines:

ACE Operations Program or ACE Airfield Lighting Maintenance Program, contact Scott Boeser, C.M., Specialist, Business Development & Training @ (703) 824-0500 ext. 225 or Email:

ACE Security Program or ACE Communications Program, contact Kevin Miller, MBA, C.M., Manager, Business Development & Training @ (703) 824-0500 ext. 157 or Email: