Sunday, June 16

3:15 PM - 4:45 PM

ACE Finance Training

Position yourself for success with a sneak preview of AAAE's new Airport Certified Employee (ACE) Finance and Administration course. Topics include operating and capital budgets, balance between operating and capital needs, airline rates and charges, capital funding of projects, and the complexities of PFCs.

Airport Infrastructure Funding: What's Next After the FAA Bill?

The U.S. House of Representatives has extended FAA programs for another five years, and congress is considering a number of related ideas on infrastructure that are yet to be established. This session focuses on several bills currently in discussion in the House and Senate, and what the impact of each will be on your airport.

Solutions for Security Threats

Learn from your peers as they provide in-depth case studies on how they have utilized people, processes and technologies to detect, deter, and defend against pressing security threats and vulnerabilities, including insider threat, active shooter, perimeter and public area security. Walk away with the latest strategies and technologies for identifying vulnerabilities and alleviating security threats.

The Audiovisual Future of the Passenger Terminal Experience

The digital revolution is transforming every commercial market, none more dramatically than transportation. Discover how leading airports are integrating audiovisual and digital technologies to elevate design, enhance operational efficiency, create new revenue sources and offer more engaging traveler experience.

The Cost of Convenience

Your passengers expect the ultimate conveniences, such as food delivered to the gate, self-checkouts, and vending machines for electronics and medicine. Learn how airport concessions are transforming the passenger experience, including the impact and the revenue opportunities that convenience might bring.

Monday, June 17

3:30 PM - 5:00 PM

In the Aftermath - Helping Employees After a Crisis

Psychological preparedness training to reduce the impact of PTSD and other mental health issues is critical. This session will offer information from experts about how to recognize issues, create a supportive environment for employees, where to seek help, and how to maintain productivity after a crisis.

One-on-One with the Office of Airports

One on One
Get answers to your burning questions in this lively discussion moderated by AAAE’s Melissa Sabatine. Hear from the senior leadership of the FAA Office of Airports on the most current information on funding, compliance, planning and safety issues before the mic gets turned over to you.

Smart Airport, Digital Transformation and Cybersecurity Training

Learn how digital technology is providing innovation for developing smart airports and how it will transform the passenger experience. Hear from Jaime Figueroa, Deputy Director FAA Tech Center, about the FAA’s support of the aviation system through innovation, modernization and sustainment. Be ready to position your airport to quickly adapt to the changing needs of your tenants and passengers, and support you airport’s digital transformation into the future.

Tuesday, June 18

2:30 PM - 4:00 PM

Accreditation Final Interview Secrets Revealed

One on One
Have all your questions answered about the mysterious final interview by representatives of the AAAE Board of Examiners. Meet your mentor, and get advice on how to properly prepare for your interview. While the final interview will be the focus of this workshop, you will also gain insight on other aspects of the accreditation process.

Priming the Pump - Maintaining a Workforce Pipeline

Explore the pathway to keep your workforce pool flowing, from priming the pipeline by creating career interest, to effective training and engagement for current employees, to planning for a smooth transition for employee departure. Learn from case studies how other airports have effectively managed these challenges.

Security & Facilitation Policy Roundtable

One on One
Join this open discussion with senior leaders from the Transportation Security Administration and U.S. Customs and Border Protection to discuss aviation security and passenger facilitation issues that have a direct impact on your airport operations. This dynamic session gives you the opportunity to ask top government representatives about the security and facilitation issues most important to you and bring home answers for your organization.

2:30 PM - 4:30 PM

Bird Strike Committee USA Listening Session

It has been 10 years since the “Miracle on the Hudson," US Airways flight 1549 event and many positive changes regarding wildlife hazards and safety have occurred since. The Bird Strike Committee USA (BSC USA) committee seeks dialogue with all individuals that have opinions, views and suggestions related to wildlife strikes aviation. Join BSC USA and your peers for a 2-hour listening session to share changes important to you and your observations help enhance current approaches to this important aviation safety area. BSC USA is a volunteer organization whose mission is to promote wildlife strike awareness and reporting, with the fundamental goal of mitigating wildlife hazards to aviation. The committee partners with AAAE on the annual North American Bird Strike Conference and has a formal relationship with the FAA. BSC USA members come from the various stakeholder groups that are engaged with the wildlife strike issue to increase data sharing and overall safety at the nation’s airports.

4:15 PM - 5:30 PM

General Aviation Airports Interactive Workshop

Aligning your airport’s management philosophy with industry best practices and ensuring market rents are charged for land and improvements is the best way an airport sponsor can prepare for a financially sustainable future. Aviation Management Consulting Group developed this dynamic and highly interactive workshop to explore the best practices relating to leasing land and improvements and ensuring fair market value is received. Workshop attendees will enjoy a relaxed environment and will be provided with a thorough understanding of the value, elements, and process for ensuring fair market value is received.

Wednesday, June 19

9:00 AM - 10:30 AM

Dealing with Drone Disruption

Experts will share the latest information about drone disruptions at airports and how industry leaders approach this growing safety and economic threat. New companies, technologies, and mitigation strategies are emerging, including drone detection and interdiction systems, to prevent unwanted and potentially dangerous intrusions into airport airspace. Which technologies should airports use and what can airports do to address this threat?

Innovation in Airport Revenue Growth

Hear examples of successful projects in non-aeronautical revenue, followed by a group discussion about best practices, how to overcome challenges, and successful strategies for non-aeronautical revenue sources such as innovative facilities and services in airport parking, revamping retail, and new approaches to food and beverage services.

Insider Threat Training

You’re trained to detect and control outside threats, but are you fully prepared to detect threats from inside the airport? Learn how to identify an insider threat, why people become threats, what behavioral indicators to look for, and what your security responsibilities are in finding and neutralizing insider threats.

Lessons Learned in Emergency Management

Are you prepared to plan for major events that impact your airport? Learn lessons in preventative and reactive resiliency from airports who have successfully dealt with emergency management around issues such as power outages, major weather events, and other disasters.

Memoirs from 2025 – Messages from Future Passengers

Understanding expectations is crucial for customer service. Your airport may be cutting edge today, but are you prepared for the demands of a new generation of passengers with different attitudes about the travel experience? Learn about what's ahead from airport futurists and trend watchers, then discuss with your peers how you're going to prepare for future demands.

11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Anticipating Tomorrow’s Trends

Participate in an open discussion with industry futurists on a wide variety of developments expected to impact airports and the aviation industry. Discover how to prevent tomorrow's headaches by understanding changes projected for the years ahead.

Environmental Responsibility

Airports face increasing community pressure to demonstrate environmental responsibility and sustainability. Investments in efficient systems, equipment, and technology, along with appropriate training and awareness, can contribute to a more sustainable industry. In this session, thought leaders in environmental issues will share examples of today’s ecological challenges and how leading airports manage them.

Getting Value from Passenger Feedback

Gathering and interpreting passenger feedback is vital to driving airport improvements. Experts and colleagues will share insights about how to collect and evaluate feedback to turn it into actionable information.

Mental Health in the Airport Environment

An innovative program facilitated by the Massachusetts State Police and clinicians from Boston Emergency Services Team (BEST) designed to increase the awareness of potential risk factors and warning signs of mental health problems, including substance use disorders, which are prevalent in our society and airports today. The education provided in this session will equip the attendees to better understand, recognize, and respond to individuals in crisis which will mitigate potential risks and decrease disruptions to the daily operations of airports. Participants will learn about the connection between air travel and mental health, what a person in crisis is experiencing, de-escalation techniques, and how to connect individuals to available community resources. Mental Health First Aid will change the way we do our job.

Preparing for Special Event Challenges

Some of the biggest tests and trials for airport professionals arise spontaneously without a warning or convenient calendar alert. In this session, airports who have had to expect the unexpected will share their experience with you on how to handle the challenges you can’t foresee.

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