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Exhibitor Portal Access | Freeman Exhibitor Service Kit Access | First-Time Exhibitor Information

Exhibitor Portal Access

Available to confirmed exhibitors only

To help your company prepare for the 91st Annual AAAE Conference & Exposition, we have compiled a variety of helpful links and resources inside of the Exhibitor Portal. You will use the Exhibitor Portal to access everything needed to prepare for the show‚ including a robust list of FAQs and Important Deadlines.

The only people from your company with access to the portal are the ones that were listed on your exhibitor contract as primary and secondary contacts.

If you are one of the two contacts, you will have access to the Exhibitor Portal. You will use your login and password.

If you have never logged in before, click “forgot my password” - when promoted for your username, use your email address.

Please do not create a new account. If you have trouble accessing the portal or need to be added as contact, please contact Amanda McCollough.

Freeman Exhibitor Service Kit

Two Options for Ordering

Option One: Freeman Online (recommended)

Take advantage of discount pricing by ordering online before Friday, May 24, 2019.

To place online orders, you will be required to enter your unique username and password. If this is your first time using FreemanOnline, click on the “Create an Account” link. Please note, this is your username and password for Freeman, not the Exhibitor Portal or a2z.

Option Two: Download the full exhibitor kit PDF

Download the full exhibitor service kit, print, complete and submit each order form to their respective vendors. This PDF contains all of the individual PDFs that are listed below.
TIP: If you are looking for something specific in the PDF, use the keyboard shortcut "CTRL F" this will open a search bar where you can search for keywords, such as SHIPPING, ELECTRIC or CARPET.

All questions about shipping, booth supplies, labor, material handling etc. should be directed to: or (508) 894-5100
All questions about electricity, Internet, rigging, plumbing and catering should be directed to: or (617) 954-2230  


General Information 

Shipping & Material Handling

Booth Supplies & Order Forms

Electrical, Utilities, Carpet, Cleaning, Furnishings, Labor, Booth Accessories…

International Exhibitor Best Practices

Freeman has developed a four-part series of articles to help exhibitors successfully tackle the complexities of bringing their brands to U.S. shows.

  1. Timelines & Travel
  2. Division of Labor
  3. Shipping & Material Handling
  4. Exhibit Stand Design Best Practices


First-Time Exhibitor Information

As a first-time exhibitor, we want to make sure your experience is as successful as possible. Below you will find information you can use to help navigate the process of arranging your exhibit space. This guide is meant to be an additional resource, not in place of reading the information in the exhibitor portal.

Frequently Used Terms

  • Exhibitor Portal: The Exhibitor Portal is your resource for all important information. You can find everything you need here. See below for more information on what is included and how to log in.
  • Exhibitor Service Kit: The Exhibitor Service Kit has many different names, including Freeman Service Kit, Service Kit, Exhibitor Services Manual or Service Manual. Whenever any of these terms are used, it is in reference to your Freeman Exhibitor Service Kit. The kit is where you will find rules and regulations, order booth furnishings, accessories, find shipping addresses, union labor rules order internet and electricity and much more.
  • Material Handling: Material handling includes, storing your freight prior to the show, delivering it to your booth, moving your empty containers to and from storage and picking up your freight at the end of the show to be reloaded onto outbound carriers. Think of it as the “last mile” service: Shipping gets your exhibit materials to the convention center, but material handling gets them to your specific booth. There is always a fee associated with material handling, which is usually based on weight. It should not be confused with the cost to transport your exhibit materials to and from the convention or event. If you ship your materials
  • Exhibit Booth Personnel: Another term with many names including, comp booth staff, exhibitor personnel, comp exhibit passes, additional booth personnel, extra personnel. In most cases, this is referring to the people from your company who will work your booth in Boston. Each exhibiting company receives a set amount of complimentary exhibitor registrations, after the complimentary registrations are used, you can register additional people for $500 each – these are sometimes referred to as additional booth personnel, since they are in addition to your complimentary registrations.

What Should I Do First?

Explore the Exhibitor Portal and complete the available sections.

When you submitted your contract, you listed two contacts – a primary and secondary, these are the only two people with access to the Exhibitor Portal. They will also be the only members of your team to receive email updates.

The pages in the portal include*: (Brief description of each page below. For full information, you must visit each page within the Exhibitor Portal.)

  • Dashboard – At-a-glance look at what you have completed, need to complete, booth number, etc.
  • Update Booth Profile – This is where you update the info found when clicking on your company from the Exhibitor List and will be used to populate the mobile app. To update your info, you will need to access a2z, a third party floor plan company (link in portal). Amanda can provide you with your company’s password if you do not have it.
  • Certificate of Liability Insurance –This is where you will upload your required COI.
  • Important Dates – Recommended first step is to add these dates to your calendar – work on the items due first.
  • Freeman Exhibitor Kit – Two ways to order. Online or downloading the order forms and sending them in.
  • Increase Exposure – Tips and tricks to get the most out of your show.
  • Social Media – All you need to know about social media – including conference logos to download and use in your email signature.
  • Attendee Roster – The attendee roster will live in the portal on this page. You are able to download the real-time roster starting May 9. This will be the only place the roster lives. If your co-workers need the list, they will need to get it through one of the two contacts that can access the portal. The list can be used for pre and post-show marketing.
  • FAQs – A great resource.
  • Pick 5 – On May 20, a list of airport VIPs will be emailed to your two contacts. You can pick 5 people from that list and we request they visit your booth. Be on the lookout for this email, once a VIP is selected by six companies they are removed from the list.
  • Exhibitor Personnel Registration – This is where you will register your booth staff.

*New tabs are added when new tasks open. Content is updated regularly .

Commonly Missed Items

  • Furniture, Electricity and Carpet: Your booth does not include carpet*, electricity or furniture. This can be ordered through the Freeman Service Kit. *Floor covering is mandatory.
  • Who is working your booth?: Purchasing a booth does not automatically register the individual staff members you will have working your booth. You are required to register the people who will be working in your booth.
  • Exhibitor Badges: The staff you register as complimentary booth personnel and additional booth personnel have access to ALL sessions, meals and social functions from setup on Saturday to teardown on Tuesday. Exhibitor badges do not include access to events taking place on Wednesday.
  • Lead Retrieval: Lead retrieval is your best tool for capturing contacts to convert attendees into leads, and ultimately into customers. When you invest in lead retrieval, you will find that your return on investment increases dramatically and all the time and money spent on your exhibit is more than worth it. Lead retrieval generally involves a hand held device - often a rented scanner or your own mobile phone or tablet - that can scan the barcodes on the badges of people stopping by your booth during a conference or event. Lead retrieval order forms are located under the Freeman Service tab in the Exhibitor Portal.
  • Onsite Exhibitor Meeting: We host an Exhibitor Meeting at 2 p.m. on Sunday June 16. Please make sure your onsite team makes every effort to attend. Hint: there might be fun prizes and snacks.

Benefits of Exhibiting/Ways to Promote

Item  Cost  Description  Timeframe  Where to Complete 
Pick 5 Program  Complimentary  Offers you the opportunity to select which (5) airport VIPs you want stopping by your booth during your time in Boston. The list of VIPs is provided by AAAE. We do our best to have your requested VIPs and other registered airports stop by your booth during exhibit hall hours, but visits are not guaranteed and appointments are not set. Selection Period: May 20 – May 31
Be on the lookout for May 20th email, once a VIP is selected by six companies they are removed from the list.
More information can be found on the Pick 5 Program tab in the exhibitor portal. Actual list and request form will be emailed on May 20.
Guest Pass Program  Complimentary  (3) complimentary, exhibit hall ONLY guest passes for your clients or prospects. Guest pass registration will be open
May 20 – June 10. 
After June 10, no guest passes are available.
Guest Pass tab in the exhibitor portal. Tab will not be added to the portal until May 20.
Large Prize Promotion
(aka Show Floor Giveaways)
Complimentary promotion of prize purchased by exhibiting company  AAAE provides attendees with a list of exhibitors who are raffling off large prizes. You can have your prize included by submitting it in the portal. Prizes must be valued at $200 or more. Show floor giveaway submission period is:
 May 6 – May 30
Show Floor Giveaway tab. Tab will not be added to the portal until May 6.

Additional Resources


All questions about shipping, labor, material handling, etc., should be directed to Freeman at or (508) 894-5100. 
All questions about electricity, Internet, rigging, plumbing and catering should be directed to: or (617) 954-2230.
For any other questions, contact Amanda McCollough with AAAE.