Local Information

Things To Do

There are a number of exciting things to do in Boston, including museums and galleries, theaters, sports, shopping and dining.

Greater Boston

Visit the Greater Boston Convention and Visitors Bureau for more information on things to do, restaurants, events and more!

How to Speak Boston

In preparation for your trip, here's a guide to local dialect:
Dinner = Suppah
Living Room = Pahluh
Basement = Cellah
TV Remote = Clickah
Traffic Circle = Rotary
Turn Signal = Blinkah
Sprinkles = Jimmies
Water Fountain = Bubblah
Sunfish = Baby Wheel
No Way = No Suh
Dunkin' Donuts = Dunkies
State Trooper = Statie
Make a U-turn = Bang a U-ey 
Very Awesome = Wicked Awesome

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