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Airport Research and Development Foundation

History and Overview
In 1988, the American Association of Airport Executives formed a non-profit corporation,the Airport Research and Development Foundation, to foster research development and educational efforts relating to airports.

To date, this organization has been financed through the assistance of AAAE and the recovery of some costs from fees charged for Foundation services. Airports and corporations have the opportunity to join the Foundation as members, both as a means of helping to finance the Foundation's activities and to provide airport members access to Foundation products and services at a reduced "membership rate." Membership is encouraged to help support the important work being performed to generate public support and better understanding of airports.

ARDF enhances AAAE's ability to provide airports with quality technical information and services. Airports and corporations joining ARDF support AAAE's ability to provide this necessary and ongoing technical assistance.

Since it was formed, the Foundation has carried out a number of worthwhile programs, such as a publication of a comprehensive report on airport privatization; guidelines for establishing terminal smoking policies; development of a standardized economic impact statement; surveys on runway friction and MBE/DBE compliance issues; a technical report provided to the Federal Aviation Administration on revisions to guidelines for residential sound insulation programs; management seminars on issues of concern to airports, and general liaison with the Transportation Research Board and the FAA's research organization through service on various advisory boards and committees.

The Foundation is currently developing more products and services for airport members, many requiring joint ventures with the companies that serve airports. Such programs are designed to provide a valuable service to airports and others interested in airport issues at a reasonable cost; positive exposure to the corporate joint venturer, and support for the Foundation. Corporate members of the Foundation will, of course, be given first notice and opportunity to participate in such programs.

As AAAE's airport and corporate membership grows, our intention is to develop services designed to provide useful information exclusively to these members on issues such as technical aspects of airport construction, planning, financing and operations. We are working with members to develop special surveys and to gather the kind of data that can be used to better serve the nation's airports and the companies that provide their support.

The benefits of membership in the ARDF make great economic sense for your airport or company! Savings on AAAE and ARDF membership products, as well as on AAAE conferences and specialty seminar registration fees, are just a few examples. As a member, your airport or company will also have the opportunity to take advantage of a number of unique ARDF services and projects, such as specialized economic impact studies, airline passenger data reports for airports, airport storm water services and various other environmental programs. Additionally, ARDF members will receive valuable airport-related technical publications published by the federal government and other appropriate organizations. Furthermore, your support of ARDF assists with the development and publication of valuable reports that deal with timely airport management challenges and issues, such as airport privatization, airport capacity and terminal smoking policies.

If your airport or company joins the Foundation, the fees for sending personnel to many AAAE conferences and seminars will be reduced by approximately 10 percent. In addition, your membership fee could be recovered in one transaction by taking advantage of the 10 percent membership reduction on larger ticket items, such as the economic impact analysis.

In addition, members of the ARDF are entitled to receive additional copies of Airport Magazine. The number of additional copies depends on your membership category, as set forth below:

Airport Members:
Large Hubs = 10 copies
All others = 5 copies

Corporate Members:
Charter Members = 10 copies
Sustaining Members = 5 copies