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Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) 
News and Guidance
Status of COVID-19 Impacts to FAA Facilities

Transportation Security Administration (TSA)
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information & Confirmed Cases

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
EPA Expands COVID-19 Disinfectant List

Risk Management for Novel Coronavirus

The Department of Homeland Security has issued an Awareness Message regarding a malicious website masquerading as a live map for Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases by Johns Hopkins University. The map is currently circulating on the Internet to entice unwitting users to visit. Visiting the website infects the user’s computer with an information stealing program that can detect and extract a variety of sensitive data. The URL for the malicious site is (corona-virus-map[dot]com).  Please use caution and cybersecurity hygiene best practices when visiting COVID-19 related web links.  The links on the AAAE resources page are valid links to government and academic web sites.
International Air Transport Association (IATA)
IATA has developed and opened a web portal, called the Global Contingency Portal (GCP), to facilitate information sharing between airports and airlines regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19). The GCP will maintain documents, advisory bulletins, and other information from airlines, airports, aviation organizations and government agencies that may be helpful to airports when managing the COVID-19 issue. Airports may access the GCP and subscribe to forthcoming alerts here.  These alerts are free, but airports must sign up using an official airport email address. If you are not subscribed but would like to receive these updates register HERE
Many airports are familiar with IATA's Tactical Operations Portal (ITOP), a platform that disseminates information about air traffic disruptions to the nation's airspace. GCP is based on the ITOP concept, but will only be used for sharing information about COVID-19 and its impacts on airline and airport operations. GCP will include all international airlines and maintains a liaison desk based in China. If you already subscribe to ITOP alerts, you will soon begin receiving GCP alerts as well. You may also use your ITOP credentials to access the GCP.
AAAE is compiling a list of points of contact (POCs) who are managing the COVID-19 issue at airports to ensure they are included in any additional communication, enter your POC HERE.