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AAAE Federal Affairs Membership

In order to keep member dues low, AAAE offers additional a la carte membership and services that airports and their corporate partners may choose to participate in. Among the most important of these additional memberships is the AAAE Federal Affairs Membership. This valuable membership supports the efforts of the Legislative Affairs, Transportation Security Policy and Regulatory Affairs departments in Washington on behalf of your airports and the industry. Participation in the membership is on an organizational basis - once an airport or company is a member, all staff at the organization is eligible to receive the membership benefits.

Support of the AAAE Federal Affairs Membership ensures that your AAAE Federal Affairs team can protect your airport’s interest in Washington on all of these important aviation issues and more. AAAE has dedicated millions of dollars more to representing airports in Washington on legislative and regulatory matters than we raise through the annual memberships; we appreciate every dollar of financial support you are able to contribute. Airports need to demonstrate continued vigilance in the pursuit of our legislative and regulatory agenda and your active participation is vital to that effort.

Participation in the AAAE Federal Affairs Membership helps defray the cost of services for information collection and dissemination, staffing and other association resources dedicated to airport legislative and regulatory issues as well as subscription/access to the following AAAE policy department electronic communications, including:
  • Airport Alert
  • Hearing Reports
  • Washington Insider Update Videos
  • Security Policy Alerts and Notices
  • Regulatory Alerts
  • Access to AAAE legislative, regulatory and transportation security policy websites
  • Access to members-only Federal Affairs webinars and/or complimentary registration to Federal Affairs webinars

The AAAE Federal Affairs Membership is a calendar year membership and separate from regular AAAE individual or corporate dues.  Letters and invoices are sent to airport directors and corporate member contacts by November 1 for the following year's membership.

Please contact Janet Bennett with any questions regarding this important membership.

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