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Meet some of the people who have achieved their accreditations and certifications and find out what the designation and AAAE mean to them.

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Megan Atkins Thoben,  A.A.E.

Director, Operations & Business Development
Louisville Regional Airport Authority

Year joined?


Who is your industry mentor?

I'm fortunate to have two incredible industry mentors, Dan Mann, Executive Director of the Louisville Regional Airport Authority and Eric Frankl, Executive Director of Blue Grass Airport.

What has being involved in AAAE meant for your career?

I attribute a great deal of my career success to the connections I’ve made and the experience I’ve gained through the industry involvement opportunities that are afforded to all members of AAAE.

Favorite airport code?


Dream destination?

Bora Bora

If someone wrote a biography about you, what would be the title?

Small Chick, Big Punch

What AAAE designations do you hold?


What has AAAE training/certification meant to you?

Attending AAAE-hosted meetings throughout the duration of my career has allowed me to build my go-to network of industry colleagues whom I'm fortunate to also call my friends. AAAE's training and certification programs have provided me with a solid foundation of industry knowledge and continue to prepare me for each and every next step or new challenge in my career.