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In today's complex operational and regulatory environments, AAAE delivers products and services tailored to meet airport needs. From our patented interactive employee training programs to the Transportation Security Clearinghouse and the Passenger Advisory at Security Screening (PASS), AAAE delivers innovative, cost-effective solutions to airport problems. Unlike traditional dues-driven associations, AAAE thrives by meeting its members' needs with products and services that they want and need. This approach ensures responsiveness and spurs innovation in solving unique and difficult problems facing airports and the aviation industry. AAAE has a rich history of innovation, including:


IET has delivered more than 2.4 million training sessions, and is the most trusted airport training platform in the world.


AAAE training provides customized programs covering all aspects of airport management, operations, and administration that help meet needs specific to your airport.

The AAAE Transportation Security Clearinghouse is the only Designated Aviation Channeler with nearly fifteen years of airport experience.


The App-Based Transportation Clearinghouse (ABT) is the only non-profit provided industry-bases service for working with the transportation network companies for complete billing and financial reconciliation service and support.