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Airport Law Enforcement Officers (LEO) Training 

Airport LEO Training School Background

The tragic events of 9/11 brought aviation security and law enforcement to the forefront to ensure that this global critical infrastructure was not disrupted in the future. With the increase in law enforcement and security personnel assigned to airports coupled with new security regulations, policies, procedures, best practices, and a new security apparatus in the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), AAAE recognized the need for a comprehensive nation-wide training curriculum for personnel responsible for implementing and carrying out these new directives. Derived from a training course required by California state law, the AAAE LEO course was developed in 2002 for a nation-wide audience that was new to the aviation security and law enforcement industry and/or had experience in airport operations and emergency management at airports.

LEOs and any aviation personnel with security responsibilities are encouraged to take this important course, which will prepare them to protect airports and the aviation system in this time of unprecedented security requirements. More than 800 LEOs, TSA, and aviation security personnel across the U.S., Canada, and Guam have attended the previous training courses. 

One of the unique features of this course is the fact that it is continually revised to ensure the most updated information, policy, and tactics are discussed and meet the ever changing aviation law enforcement and security environment.

 Why Attend the Airport LEO Training School?

  • Network with law enforcement officers and other security personnel from across the country
  • Learn about new TSA and other security regulations essential to aviation
  • Prepare security and law enforcement personnel to prevent, mitigate and respond to security-related incidents at the airport and in the aviation system
  • Apply innovative emergency response techniques at your airport through modern case studies and learn how airport LEOs can work collectively with TSA, FBI and other agencies to mitigate security-related incidents
  • Learn how to respond to active shooter emergencies at your airport
  • Potentially earn Continuing Law Enforcement Education (CLEE) Credits through your accrediting state

Continuing Law Enforcement Education (CLEE) Credits

The course curriculum has been reviewed and approved by the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy (SCCJA) for Continuing Law Enforcement Education (CLEE) credits for 24 CLEE credits for those who attend an AAAE Airport LEO Course in the future.

For attendees residing in other states who would like to attend a future Airport LEO Course, similar CLEE credits may be obtained by working with your departments training officer as well as your state LEO accrediting agency.

Airport LEO Training School Onsite Programs

This course can be tailored and delivered to the specific airports as an Onsite or Regional Onsite. If this course is delivered to a specific needs of individual airports as an Onsite or Regional Onsite to train the host airports, AAAE and Captain Fitchpatrick will work with the airport or region to seek information for the course to be eligible for CLEE credits in the state where the course takes place.

With on-site training, you can train an average of 20-50 people at one-time and forgo spending additional monies on hotel, airfare, meals and incidentals. In addition, having an on-site allows the flexibility your facility needs to maintain operational readiness by keeping personnel on property and to conduct training around the your schedule.

Benefits of scheduling on-site training

  • The training programs are adapted specifically to your airport/airfield’s needs and requirements and are brought to your airport when it's convenient for you.
  • The courses are taught by well-respected, experienced aviation management professionals, including airport directors and aviation consultants.
  • AAAE provides innovative, thorough and current course materials, and
  • OnSite training is an economical way to train many airport employees at once in as little as one or two days while eliminating travel costs for your staff.

The Airport LEO Training School instructor is Captain LaPonda Fitchpatrick. Click on the link to learn more about Captain Fitchpatrick!

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For more information on Airport LEO Training Schools or if you have any questions, please contact:

Ilana Brodesky
Manager, Training and Business Development