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Each year, the AAAE Foundation offers scholarships to member families.  We strive to provide as much funding as we can but our scholarship funds have limits.  That's where you can help.  This year, please consider supporting the AAAE Foundation.

Thanks to the generosity of donors like you, we were able to increase our scholarship funding by 32%. 

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About the Foundation

The AAAE Foundation was established in 1962 for the advancement of education and the public understanding of airport and aviation issues. Since 1989, the Foundation has awarded nearly $4.25 million to more than 2,700 individuals.  

AAAE offers a variety of scholarships through the AAAE Foundation. These scholarships are offered to full-time undergraduate or graduate students who are attending U.S. accredited colleges or universities. Since 1989, the AAAE Foundation has provided nearly $4.25 million in scholarships to more than 2,700 students, making the organization one of the largest supporters of higher education assistance in all of the aviation industry.
The AAAE Foundation offers several types of scholarships, including:
  • A.A.E. Scholarship - available to Accredited Airport Executives (A.A.E), their spouses and their children
  • Endorsed by an A.A.E. Scholarship - available to those A.A.E.’s who do not have dependents to recommend, but would like to endorse a wider range of family members
  • AAAE Foundation Scholarship - available to students enrolled in aviation programs regardless of AAAE affiliation
  • AAAE Foundation Scholarship for Women in Aviation - available to women enrolled in aviation programs regardless of AAAE affiliation
  • AAAE Foundation Scholarship for Native Americans - available to Native American students enrolled in aviation programs regardless of AAAE affiliation

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Why Donate?

  • Support AAAE Members
    Executive members who belong to both AAAE and their regional chapter are eligible to benefit from the A.A.E. and Endorsed by an A.A.E. scholarships. By supporting the Foundation you are supporting the families of AAAE members. And your gift could make the difference in whether an aspiring student can afford to attend college.
  • Support Future Leaders
    Eligibility for each scholarship differs to provide opportunities for students to pursue their unique academic goals. Today’s scholarship recipients could be tomorrow’s airport director, the CEO of an airport vendor, or the leader of another business in communities across the country.
  • Tax Deductions
    Donations to the AAAE Foundation are tax deductible under IRS rules, providing a tax break for you or your organization.

Every dollar helps support education and the future of airports and the aviation industry. Contact the AAAE Foundation today to start investing in tomorrow’s leaders!