Mead & Hunt Is Providing Expanded Services to Help You Prepare for the Future

It’s no secret that the aviation industry is going through significant changes. These past few years have revealed the importance of resilience, adaptability, and a focus on social outcomes within the aviation industry. Change through continuous improvements is imperative.

Mead & Hunt is committed to developing and offering new services beyond our traditional air service, planning, environmental, engineering, and architecture, that keep aviation moving forward. We seek to plan for multiple eventualities, and this has informed our new services. Our new service offerings include:

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging (DEIB) Services


We strive to create a culture where everyone is engaged and our DEIB program guides how we promote client and community synergy, recruit diverse top talent, and create enriching professional experiences. It is our policy to continue to root out systemic and institutional discriminatory barriers while promoting equity in community health and safety, economic inclusion, and social wellbeing. 

Commissioning and Energy Services


As experienced commissioning engineers, building performance engineers, and sustainability consultants, we work with airport facilities and project design and construction teams to identify efficiency, sustainability, regenerative, and resilient design principles for their new and existing airports. We seek to find solutions that align with our client’s unique mission, core values, and financial goals.

Terminal and Terminal Area Planning


The last few years have changed grant funding focus to our nation’s terminals and terminal areas.. Our terminal and terminal area planners understand the importance of accessibility and customer service. Our goal is to meet client and airport user needs and “right-size” your facilities while enhancing user experience.

Networking and Security Services


We live in an increasingly connected and data-driven world. We understand that a strong foundation in networking and security is required to support aviation facilities. We now provide additional advisory and engineering services for networking and security. Our goal is to plan and design your IT infrastructure to support your business and technology needs of today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Air Service Development


Our team recognized that the pandemic reduced the validity of traditional data sources used in air service development. An alternative data source was needed that could track domestic and international travel movements in real-time, regardless of the mode of transportation. Location-based GPS data analysis is used to estimate things like travelers by month, change in travel levels, and air service opportunities, particularly at a time when airline data was limited or non-existent.

AAM and Airport Electrification Services


Electrification of aircraft, ground vehicles, and airport buildings has gone from concept to reality very quickly. The infrastructure needs of the airport industry are considerable, and it is imperative to plan today to support future needs. We work with vertiport developers, aircraft manufacturers, airports, and communities to integrate electric vehicles as a safe and sustainable component of the aviation system and multimodal transportation network.

As our communities evolve, our industry evolves with it. We are committed to helping the airports we serve move effectively into the future.