Accelerator Events

The Airport Innovation Accelerator brings airport leaders together with innovators, regulators, and key stakeholders to craft the future of airports together.  Throughout the year, the Accelerator hosts innovation gatherings to explore the art of the possible, discuss new and emerging opportunities, and to collaborate on the most pressing issues in airports.

Each event is founded on 3 core principles:

  • Know the Airport Environment: procurement, oversight, financials, regulations, and state/local ordinances play a role in how airports work, our innovation efforts need to be relevant to and effective in airports
  • Look Beyond Airports: fresh perspectives on new problems can yield amazing results, each event is intended to infuse best practices, emerging solutions, and innovation leadership from outside the airport community
  • Results: the Accelerator is measured on the value brought into airports; a key element of every Accelerator event is coordinated action towards common goals.

Airport Innovation Forum

The Airport Innovation Forum is the premier event for creating the future of airports. Through inspirational keynotes, airport roundtables, and interactive workshops, the Forum provides a unique opportunity for airport leaders to explore the art of the possible with industry leaders, regulators, and key stakeholders.

Solution Summits

Solution Summits are facilitated workshops hosted by the Airport Innovation Accelerator to drive meaningful innovation in airports. We believe that powerful ideas are cultivated at the intersection of airports, their key stakeholders (i.e. airlines, regulators), and the innovation community. Solution Summits create a special place where each group has a seat at the table and a vested interest in moving the industry forward.