Case Study Webinar

Denver International Airport, ELERTS, and AAAE presented a Case Study Webinar to explain how the See Say Airport platform can solve your security and safety needs.

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See Say Airport

Crowd-sourced reporting for security, safety and passenger experience

AAAE has partnered with Airport Shank Tank winner, ELERTS, to provide airports with a crowd-sourced incident reporting and management platform that allows your passengers, workers, airlines, and partners to report safety or security concerns for your action. Anyone in the airport can use the See Say Airport app to discreetly send a report to your dashboard in as little as 20 seconds that includes precise location and media (photo, video) on issues that require your attention. From potential terrorist activity to slip-and-falls, or just an escalator outage, See Say Airport gives you real-time insights to manage all elements of your operation using the crowd as an extension of your team.

One Solution for the Aviation Community
Instead of passengers downloading multiple apps for different airports, the See Say Airport app gives users the ability to select which participating airport they are currently in. 

Safety, Security and Risk Management in One App
In addition to security issues, the See Say service can be utilized by airport staff to report safety and maintenance issues as well, allowing SMS hazards to easily be reported from anywhere. App users can upload photos with geo-tagged locations to report both airside and landside incidents.

Integrate Your Training
Does your airport use AAAE’s Interactive Employee Training (IET) to meet compliance-based training requirements? The See Say Airport app ties into IET’s security compliance curriculum and provides a new method for badge holders to report incidents and put See Say into action. Teach employees how to use See Say Airport with IET.

Participating Airports

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