The aviation security landscape has been rapidly evolving, specifically with regard to renewed federal priorities on employee vetting and employee access control at airports. The AAAE Airport Credentialing and Access Control Webinar Series brings together airport security and credentialing personnel, TSA leadership, and leading industry technology experts to explore the current challenges we face as well as identify best practices to respond to evolving changes in regulatory requirements and technology advancements.

In addition to reviewing current aviation employee credentialing and access control programs and requirements, this conference will examine, through expert panel discussions, the issues, challenges and opportunities associated with new and proposed initiatives related to aviation credentialing and access control. In particular, conference discussions will focus on new and emerging federal policy which impacts credentialing, advancements in reporting and compliance and strategies for mitigating the insider threat while simultaneously ensuring efficient and streamlined processes at your airport.

Who should attend:

  • Individuals from airports, airlines, aviation consultant firms and security technology companies involved in identity management, IT integration, access control systems, smart cards and biometrics.
  • Representatives from the Transportation Security Administration, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and recognized leaders in both the aviation and technology industry are being invited to participate on the program.
  • Industry vendors providing credentialing, access control, biometric, smart card and identity management technologies.