Track Preview: Project Management/Construction Management

John P. Paolin
Senior Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Communications, Hill International

Track Host
, Project Management/Construction Management Track

The ACC/AAAE Airport Planning, Design and Construction Symposium being held February 21-23, 2017, in New Orleans, Louisiana, will once again feature a track on Project Management/Construction Management. As development continues to ramp up, there has been an evolution in traditional practices and leadership within the project development community. Topics will seek to address these changes, including alternative project delivery methods, implementing best practices into new and ongoing projects, and owner control. 

The sessions are as follows:

What Risk Does a CMAR Really Have? - The session will explore the CM at Risk delivery method and the risks, perceived or actual that are associated with the delivery method.  Discussing the issue with an owner, an architect, a contractor and a program manager to gain a better perspective on the risks associated with this delivery method and which party transfers or maintains those risks.   

Design-Build Owner Control - As projects continue to grow in both size and dollars, Contractual methodologies have also begun to change.  The push towards integrated project delivery methods such as Design-Build has increased.  With this type of delivery method the Ownership and control have moved from the Owner to the Contractor.  How does an Owner feel they still have direct access and input on the product? In this panel we hope to explain how perception is reality and who owns what responsibility.  With that the basic directive of a Design-Build contract as it relates to program and cost will be discussed.

P3 Implementation - In June 1, 2016 the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey signed a lease agreement with LaGuardia Gateway Partners and achieved financing for the public-private partnership redevelopment of LaGuardia Airport’s Central Terminal B, the lease continues through 2050.  In June of 2016 the Denver International Airport (DEN) selected the consortium headed by Ferrovial Airports, to enter into an exclusive negotiation for the public-private partnership to improve the terminal, named the “Great Hall” project. Los Angeles International Airport plans to utilize P3 (DBFOM) to deliver major elements of its estimated $5 billion Landside Access Modernization Program, the APM and the CONRAC. There is more P3 activity and consideration now at US Airports than ever before.  This panel will discuss the applicability of P3 as a delivery method for small and medium sized airports, bringing some lessons learned and next level practices.

Institutionalizing Process Best Practices - There is no shortage of documented best practices for the myriad of activities that must be carried-out daily by capital improvement teams at airports, but how do you find the time to implement them and ensure adoption and consistent compliance? In this panel, participants will discuss ways airport capital improvement teams can leverage technology to systematically implement and institutionalize best practices across their operations.

Managing the Budget – Unauthorized Expenditures - Airport expansion programs have many moving parts and require coordination and assistance between inter-agency departments (Public Works, Police, and Legal). As most airports are an enterprise funding source, controlling and managing budgets and unauthorized expenditures are a pressure point for all airports and factoring these cost into an overall construction budget is a huge challenge. This is something airport project managers all deal with on a constant basis, with the ever changing construction budget during project.

We hope to see you in New Orleans in February! Be sure to view the full agenda or register today!