Track Preview: Resiliency

Larry Studdiford, PMP
President/Consultant, Studdiford Technical Solutions, LLC

Track Host
, Resiliency Track

noun re·sil·ien·cy \-yən(t)-sē\
Ability to recover readily from illness, depression, adversity, or the like.

How does an airport or a private industry prepare for both the expected and unexpected? The ACC/AAAE Airport Planning, Design and Construction Symposium being held February 21-23, 2017, in New Orleans, Louisiana, will feature a special track on resiliency to answer that question.

The sessions are as follows;

Airport Durability – How durable are the "sustainable" facility solutions of old? This panel of experts will delve into lessons learned from a decade of design solutions.  Topics will include function vs. form,  resiliency of  art programs, and sustainable products that stand the test of time.

Industry/Market Resiliency – In the era of airline consolidations, emerging security threats and market surges & downturns, physical infrastructure has been turned into Swiss cheese to accommodate changes in technology and processes.  Our panelists will discuss key attributes in designing flexibility into airport facilities and technologies that help accommodate change.

Disaster Resiliency – When disaster strikes -- natural, terrorist or otherwise -- how quickly can operations rebound? This panel will investigate how facility designs and protection of critical infrastructure have changed after storm disasters and terrorist events such as the Brussels and Istanbul attacks. The panel will also discuss the importance of BIM in tracking what is lost after such an event.

Technology Resiliency - Part 1 – The first part of this series will include presentations of various examples around the country where airports are utilizing new and emerging technology such as Bluetooth, RFID and other integrated IT systems to ensure airports do not get boxed into a corner with technical or trend obsolescence

Technology Resiliency - Part 2
– Part 2 will include a roundtable of airport terminal owners/operators and airlines to discuss lessons learned from implementing "new and improved" processes such as reservation systems, self service kiosks and wayfinding applications, as well as emerging efforts to "improve the passenger experience". The panel will also discuss how cybersecurity is impacting physical security and other assets.

We hope to see you in New Orleans in February! Be sure to view the full agenda or register today!