Human Trafficking Prevention Training

AAAE has partnered with airports, leading law enforcement agency experts and advocacy groups to develop training for airport employees and tenants on human trafficking prevention. Our seminars and computer-based training programs educate aviation employees on how to identify the warning signs and behaviors of human trafficking activity. No matter the role, airport tenants and staff gain insight to visual cues and body language that may save a victim’s life. This training is available in a variety of delivery methods, including:

  • IET - The Human Trafficking Awareness course provides badged airport employees and tenants information on how to identify the warning signs and behaviors of human trafficking activity in various parts of the airport. It instructs employees on what to do should they suspect human trafficking activity. Contact for interest in this purchasing this course for use with our Interactive Employee Training (IET) platform.
  • Digicast - Subscribers to AAAE’s Digicast are able to access this Human Trafficking Awareness course online. Visit for details.
  • Course License - Organizations that do not use AAAE’s computer-based training products are able to purchase a course license. SCORM and mp4 formats are available. Contact for more information.
  • OnSite Training - Our personal, face-to-face OnSite programs are an important component to the day-to-day operations of every airport, large or small. This one-day training is focused on teaching employees in the airport/airline industry how to spot and report human trafficking victims. Our training programs are delivered through a learning platform that provides an engaging learning experience, reinforces key concepts and measures learning outcomes. Trainers include airline professionals and actual survivors of human trafficking, which gives this training a powerful impact.