Webinar: Lightning - The Top Severe Weather Threat in Airport Operations

Tuesday, April 30, 2019
1-2 p.m. EDT
Webinar Sponsored By: Earth Networks

In a recent survey, operations professionals for airports, airlines, and FBOs identified lightning as the number one top severe weather threat in their daily operations. Other top severe weather concerns included fog, rain, wind/downbursts, and extreme temperatures. In this presentation, we will explore the challenges airport, airline, and FBO operations teams face managing the risks associated with severe weather. We will focus on lightning and the confusion caused by a lack of official guidance on who owns responsibility for lightning proximity alerting and what that means for ground operations.

Participants will hear from Kevin Crowley, Sr. Analyst for Ground Safety Programs for JetBlue on the tools they use to keep ground crews safe from lightning and severe weather.

Program Information:
Natalie Fleet

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Dan Reilly

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