Certified Member Program

Becoming a Certified Member (C.M.) is a great way to show employers your dedication to your airport career. The program is open to Affiliate, Associate, Participating, Corporate, Military and Academic Graduate members of AAAE and Affiliate, Associate and Corporate members of IAAE. Certified Member is a useful credential when seeking employment within the airport management profession and for students and corporate members who interact with airport professionals. 

Candidates in the C.M. program obtain the designation by completing only one step - a 180-question, multiple-choice examination. The multiple-choice exam is comprised of information contained in the Body of Knowledge modules, and measures a candidate’s comprehensive knowledge of airport management, regardless of airport size.  There are no time limits for program completion - the C.M. program is self-study, and allows candidates to successfully complete the multiple-choice exam at their own pace.

Requirements to Enroll in the C.M. Program

  1. Membership in AAAE or IAAE
    (Note: student members must first upgrade their membership status to that of Academic Graduate.)
  2. Payment of membership dues and program enrollment fee

C.M. Process
The exam may not be easy, but the process is. To become a C.M.:

  1. Submit an application with your $200 program fee.
  2. Study the provided materials to help you prepare for the exam. You can also choose to attend the Loretta Scott, A.A.E., Accreditation/Certification Academy to assist with exam preparations.
  3. Take the exam. Exams are offered at the AAAE Annual Conference and Academies, at the AAAE headquarters, or can be administered locally with an eligible proctor.

Once you pass the exam, you’ll forever be a C.M., with all the rights and privileges. If you meet the additional criteria for an Accredited Airport Executive (A.A.E.), your exam completion will transfer to your A.A.E. program, should you choose to advance your career further.

CM Program Application
(Adobe PDF File)

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