Benedict D. Castellano

Airport Safety Consultants, LLC

Mr. Castellano has 50 years of experience in aviation industry, ranging from airport management to aviation regulations. He spent 5 years in the US Air Force as a combat crew member in the Strategic Air Command. Benedict spent several years in airport administration, he worked at Washington National Airport as the Special Assistant to the Airport Manager and Senior Operations Supervisor at Boston’s Logan International Airport. Benedict is currently the primary instructor to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, teaching a 3-day program on Airport Certification. He previously taught the Airport Safety and Operations Specialist Schools in Key West, Florida, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and Buffalo, New York.

Mr. Castellano had an industrious 34 year career with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), before retiring in 2008. While in the FAA, Benedict held positions like National Resource Expert for Airport Safety and Certification, Manager of the Airport Safety and Certification Branch, and Acting Manager of Airport Safety and Operations Division. Some of his responsibilities while in these positions were:

  • Being designated as the national expert for airport safety certification under 14 CFR Part 139.
  • Overseeing the implementation of the Airport Certification Program, 14 CFR part 139 and the writing of the regulation.
  • oHis office provided all the policies and procedures for implementation of the regulation and for the inspection of the civilian airports by FAA Airport Certification Safety Inspectors.
  • Developed the national policy and guidelines for the implementation of the Airport Master Record Program, the Wildlife Hazard Management Program, the Airport Compliance Program.
  • Being the official 2007 FAA Airports contact for the ICAO’s Universal Safety Oversight Audit Program.

After retirement in 2008, Mr. Castellano founded Airport Safety Consultants, LLC. Through Airport Safety Consultants, Benedict was involved in the writing of several Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP) projects. He served as the technical expert under a subcontract for a U.S. Trade and Development Agency Orientation Visit for a group of airport officials from China studying airport emergency planning.

Benedict instructs the ASOS course.