Captain LaPonda J. Fitchpatrick (Retired) was responsible for ensuring the safety, security, and regulatory compliance of the global gateway known as LAX and its satellite airports for over 30 years, retiring as a commanding officer within the Los Angeles Airport Police Department (LAXPD). LaPonda is a nationally recognized aviation security and law enforcement expert that has developed security systems, methods and procedures, and professional standards that are utilized by a myriad of local, state, federal, and international aviation security and law enforcement agencies that secure the global aviation environment. After 9-11, LaPonda conceived and implemented the Los Angeles Airport Police Homeland Security Section to ensure multi-agency law enforcement and public safety activities and response was properly coordinated to reduce LAX’s vulnerability to a terrorist event or catastrophic emergency. This included the coordination of the nation’s largest airport law enforcement bomb detection K-9 unit, expedited multi-agency intelligence sharing, emergency response management, and development of an on-site tactical response unit tailored to the aviation environment. 

Understanding the importance of information sharing and training, she modernized and wrote the State of California mandated Aviation Security for Law Enforcement Officers training course as a consultant to the California Peace Officers’ Standards and Training Commission (POST) that certifies law enforcement officers. She created a training curriculum that addressed the multi-cultural and dynamic venue that a global system such as aviation presents with a concentration on terrorism and its global effect on aviation security. Post-9/11, taking this training curriculum nationwide, she has trained over 3500 police officers, TSA and other aviation security personnel, which included the entire law enforcement components for Atlanta-Hartsfield, Phoenix-Sky Harbor, Shreveport, and Jackson Evers Airport Police Departments. LaPonda is a Society of Human Resources Management Senior Certified Professional and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology from UCLA. She is an experienced Instructor for AAAE. 


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