Seward E. Ford

Seward Ford is a graduate electrical engineer and has been associated with the airport. 
Lighting industry for nearly 50 years. He was employed by Crouse-Hinds Airport Lighting Products for a number of years holding various positions during his tenure including Manager of Engineering and Marketing Manager. 

Mr. Ford is currently President of Visual Aids Services that provides various support and consulting services for the visual aids industry.  He has worked on several FAA development projects including an LED RWSL system that utilized a more efficient power distribution system. He currently works as an instructor for the American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE) Airport lighting Maintenance ACE Course and is an associate of Navaid Lighting Associates, providing specialized training and consulting in all phases of the airport lighting industry. He was technical advisor for 10 years to the United States IEC subcommittee TC 97 which is generating recognized worldwide standards for airport lighting. 

Mr. Ford is a member emeritus and past chairman of the Illuminating Engineering Society Airport Lighting Committee. He chaired the Illuminating Engineering Society subcommittee that formulated with FAA the industry third party testing program for certification of airfield lighting products to FAA advisory circulars qualification requirements. He has worked on the upgrading and development of various FAA Advisory Circulars and has contributed a number of technical papers during his career.

Seward instructs the ACE Airfield Lighting Maintenance course. Click on the link to learn more information!