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Basic Snow Academy Virtual Training

OCTOBER 25-26 | 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. ET | LIVE ONLINE


This curriculum is designed to provide Airport Operators guidance to implement a well-rounded approach to their winter operations training needs. 

The information contained within this course reflects the current FAA Advisory Circulars pertaining to (AC) 150/5210-20 Ground Vehicle Operations on Airports, AC 150/5200-30 Airport Winter Safety and Operations, AC 150/5220-20 Airport Snow and Ice Control Equipment, FAR Part 139 Certification of Airports, and actual Airport Snow and Ice Control Plans.

This course is intended to educate the Airport Equipment Operator, Airport Operations Specialist, and other individuals performing Snow and Ice Control Measures on Airports. The information contained within is to provide each attendee sufficient knowledge of the following:
1. Human Factors that impact safety and efficiencies during winter operations.
2. The applicable regulations for Snow and Ice Control measures at FAR Part 139 Certificated and now certificated airports.
3. The Chemical and aggregate available to airports. How they are applied and performance expectations.
4. Aircraft Deicing impact on airport winter operations.
5. Safety Management System (SMS) applications during winter operations.
6. Interpreting and responding to Winter Weather Forecasting.
7. Snow and Ice Control Equipment.
8. Safe and applicable communication regulations, techniques and application.

Check out the Snow Management Academy, which will follow this class!


This virtual training is $595 for Members and $695 for Non-Members for the full two-day course.

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Day 1

10:00 am—10:10 am - Welcome Remarks
10:10 am—11:00 am - Human Factors
11:00 am—11:10 am - Break
11:10 am—12:00 pm - Human Factors
12:00 pm—12:45 pm - Lunch Break
12:45 pm—1:30 pm - Applicable Regulations
1:30 pm—1:35 pm - Break
1:35 pm—2:20 pm - Applicable Regulations
2:20 pm—2:30 pm - Break
2:30 pm—3:15 pm - Material Resources
3:15 pm—3:20 pm - Break
3:20 pm—3:50 pm - Material Resources
3:50 pm—4:30 pm - Aircraft Deicing
4:30 pm—4:40 pm - Break
4:40 pm—5:00 pm - Aircraft Deicing

Day 2

10:00 am—10:50 am - SMS
10:50 am—11:00 am - Break
11:00 am—11:30 am - SMS
11:30 am—12:00 pm - Winter Weather Forecasting
12:00 pm—12:45 pm - Lunch Break
12:45 pm—1:30 pm - Winter Weather Forecasting
1:30 pm—1:40 pm - Break
1:40 pm—2:30 pm - Snow Removal Equipment
2:30 pm—2:40 pm - Break
2:40 pm—3:20 pm - Snow Removal Equipment
3:20 pm—3:30 pm - Break
3:30 pm—4:20 pm - Communications
4:20 pm—4:30 pm - Break
4:30 pm—5:00 pm - Training Conclusion and Q&A



Mr. Carlton E. Braley, Jr., A.A.E.

Senior Vice President, Sales
Fortbrand Services, LLC
Manchester, NH

Carlton Braley is the Senior Vice President, Sales Fortbrand Services, Inc. He began his career for the City of Manchester Department of Aviation April 1994 and retired from the airport in 2021. Carlton is the Academic Chairman for the International Aviation Snow Symposium, (IASS) Committee. Carlton has chaired and lead the development of the International Aviation Snow Academies offered at numerous industry conventions and on-site at airports. Carlton is married to his wife Doreen; they have two daughters, Amanda and Kelly, one son Carlton III, and two grandsons.