Download the Establishing a Common Standard for TNC Wayfinding at Airports White Paper

Establishing a Common Standard for TNC Wayfinding at Airports

Passengers are increasingly opting for use of Transportation Network Companies (TNC), such as Uber and Lyft, over traditional transportation options to travel to and from airports around the world, yet consistency is lacking at airports with regards to the TNC passenger experience. TNC wayfinding signage is not standardized, causing confusion among passengers and TNC drivers and increasing curbside congestion. There is a critical need to work at an industry-level to improve TNC operations at the world’s airports and deliver improved and standardized messaging for an enhanced passenger experience.

In December 2017 the American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE) held a Solution Summit through its Airport Innovation Accelerator on the topic of TNCs. One of the central takeaways the participating airports identified was the lack of standardized term and icon to properly guide passengers to TNC pickup points. Airports asked AAAE to organize a working group to analyze the problem, suggest a common term and icon, and rally airports to a set standard. This white paper presents the in-depth process the working group followed to arrive at a recommended standard for airport adoption.

Download the White Paper above to find out more about the process and conclusions. 

Download the Icons for Use at Your Airport

Interested in using the new standard at your airport? Download the official icon files and their usage guide using the link below.

Download the icons and usage guide here