IAD/DCA - veriScan Biometric Traveler Verification Solution

  2019 Annual Airport Innovation Award Winner: Most Innovative Airport (Large Hub) Partnership

veriScan is a biometric traveler identification system that offers a seamless one-step boarding experience by allowing a passenger’s face to act as both their passport and boarding pass. It was developed by the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority to meet biometric exit compliance at our two airports, Dulles International and Reagan National. We sought a secure, scalable, cost-effective and easily deployable solution that would bypass the monolithic infrastructure requirements, over-engineered solutions and the multi-million dollar price tag of commercial products.

veriScan was designed, tested and implemented in record time by our in-house team, “MWAA Labs.” We designed it using our two airports as “sandboxes,” with real customers and real boarding processes. But an equally key ingredient to making the veriScan project successful has been the inter and intra industry partnership and collaboration that we’ve had with regulatory, airlines and airport partners throughout the process, which has allowed us to design for various real life scenarios so that passenger experience is as streamlined as possible.

veriScan is a system that comprises of two mobile applications:

  1. The veriScan app, installed on a mobile tablet, which acts as the “scanner”. The device detects a traveler’s face as they approach the boarding gate and takes and submits a photo for verification.
  2. veriScan Agent, which provides the airline gate agent a “dashboard” view of the flight so they can view and manage the boarding process.

What makes veriScan innovative is that it’s is flexible, portable and can be scaled to any airport size and any gate configuration. The time to implement is almost-negligible, with the only real bottleneck being the time it takes to train staff. A gate can be set up for biometric verification within a fraction of a day.

veriScan is also non-disruptive to existing infrastructure and processes from the perspective of both airlines and airports. For airlines, veriScan easily adapts to existing gate area configuration and boarding processes and requires no additional staffing. For airports, no infrastructure changes or additions are required, and all equipment is commercially available.

Finally, veriScan meets all CBP Biometric Exit compliance standards for speed and accuracy and is capable of reducing boarding time by up to 50% or more. In fact, veriScan works so efficiently in its default “walk-by” scanning mode that an alternate mode was developed at the request of gate agents in order to slow down the flow of the passenger queue.

veriScan is currently deployed at several airports, has been piloted and is in use by dozens of airlines, DCS-integrated with a growing number of airlines and integrators, and has processed over 200,000 passengers to date.

For the latest information, please check out www.airportveriscan.com.

Please feel free to contact us for more technical, budget or deployment information.

For more information on this project, contact Christian Kessler at 703-417-3906 or christian.kessleriv@mwaa.com.