Additional Course Offerings

Airport Terrorism Preparedness and Response

This course is designed for airport employees that may have security or emergency response responsibilities - whether major or minor, administrative or field - to provide them with an overview of the threats to the aviation environment and how to respond. The course covers current threats to the aviation environment, international and domestic terrorism, the psychology and ideology of terrorism, pre-incident indicators, active shooter events, and bomb threats and suicide/homicide bombers. Students will be introduced to the emergency response plan and will participate in emergency response scenarios to test their knowledge of how to respond to a variety of emergency situations through mini table-top exercises.

International Aviation Snow Academy Basic Winter Operations Course

This is the first and only course that will challenge airport personnel with Winter Operations responsibilities by providing hands on interactive training and basic knowledge of safe winter operations of a FAR Part 139 certificated and non certificated airport.This 2 day onsite includes training on identifying Snow Removal Equipment Types and Categories, Approved Chemical and Aggregate Materials used for Deicing, Anti-Icing, and Pavement Friction Enhancement, TALPA/RCAM, Human Factors, Weather Forecasting and planning for Winter Weather Mitigation, Radio Communication Protocol, Components of the Snow and Ice Control Plan (SICP), and many other topics. Download the Snow Academy brochure for more information

Airport Security for Airport Operations

This course will provide airport operations personnel, security and law enforcement officers with a comprehensive training in the transportation security regulations and security self-inspection techniques necessary to ensure the airport is fulfilling the requirements of the Airport Security Program (ASP). This course is currently offered as a 2 day OnSite.

Airport Emergency Planning

This course covers the requirements of airport operators as explained in Advisory Circular (AC) 150/5200-31C, Industry best practices and ACRP 05-01 "An Airport Guide for Regional Emergency Planning for CBRNE Events," with a focus on integrating with the National Incident Management System (NIMS). AC 150/5200-13C was recently updated to reflect the airport's critical role in response to community disasters. This course is currently offered as a 2 day OnSite.

Airport Management 101 Workshop

This course is tailored to enhance the individuals understanding of airport management issues, current challenges faced by industry leaders and strategies for implementing sensible strategic plans or goals. It is designed to present airport board members or commissioners and senior and mid-level airport executives the substantive and thoughtful review of the airport industry. This course is offered as a 2 day OnSite.

Crisis Management

This course provides an overview of emergency response, disaster preparedness, and crisis management. Provides a foundation of understanding the need to minimize disruption and disseminate information quickly. This course is currently offered as a 3 day OnSite.

Airport Wildlife Course

This training program provides important information on the impacts of birds and other wildlife on aircraft operations and will also address management and control programs that are required to mitigate this potentially catastrophic issue. The latest information on strike trends, legal issues, community planning and new technology will assist both the decision makers and technical staff in reducing the potential hazard at airports. This course is offered as an Onsite option in 1-3 day formats and customized to each airport.

Pilot Perspective

This course provides an understanding of how actions affect the national airspace system; as well as "how the other half lives". This interactive and forward thinking perspective based curriculum and overview equip employees with necessary tools to between provide service to tenants and airline operations. This course is currently offered as a 2 day Onsite.

Part 139 Course

This course will provide a comprehensive review of the elements of 14 CFR Part 139 Subparts A-D and applicable Advisory Circulars (AC). In addition, this course will also provide best management practices and real-world case studies on how to effectively manage airfields in accordance to FAA regulations. This course is offered as a 2 day Onsite.

Ground Operator Safety Training

The Ground Operator Safety Training was developed specifically to provide supervisors and operations managers a better understanding of FAR Part 139 and airport safety. This program mixes presentations with interactive case studies that will help the student apply the knowledge they currently possess, plus what they learn in the classroom. This course provides students with a better understanding of the airport operation and ensuring the terminal, ramp, and other secured areas are run safely and efficiently. This course is offered as a 2 day Onsite.

Airport Customer Service

Aviation professionals will learn tactics and techniques necessary to provide airport passengers with superior service with each and every customer interaction. This class covers servicing internal and external customers, the importance of professional image, service standards, building rapport, handling difficult customers, and stress management. It is taught through interactive activities to ensure participant engagement. This course is currently offered as a 1 day Onsite.