Why earn the GBAC STAR Facility Accreditation?

  • Build confidence with customers, passengers and employees to make them comfortable in your facility.
  • GBAC STAR is the cleaning industry’s only outbreak prevention, response and recovery accreditation for facilities.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to disinfecting to the highest standards.

What do you get?

Once your GBAC STAR application has been submitted, you will receive the GBAC STAR Facility Accreditation Handbook and the following reference documents:

  • Recommendations for a Successful Accreditation
  • The GBAC Cleaning, Disinfection, and Response Protocol
  • GBAC STAR Scalable Cleaning and Disinfection Response
  • Recommendations for Personal Protective Equipment for Cleaning
  • Examples of Training and Accreditations applicable for individuals who provide cleaning and disinfection services
  • GBAC Risk Assessment Tool for Cleaning and Disinfecting
  • Free and/or discounted registration for the GBAC Fundamentals Online Course: Cleaning & Disinfection Principles  

What is the program like?

The GBAC STAR Accreditation Program is performance-based and designed to help facilities establish a comprehensive system of cleaning, disinfection, and infectious disease prevention for their staff and their building. The program relies on GBAC’s comprehensive training, which teaches the proper protocols, correct disinfection techniques, and cleaning best practices for biohazard situations like the novel coronavirus.

Successful GBAC STAR facilities are able to demonstrate that correct work practices, procedures and systems are in place to prepare, respond, and recover from outbreaks and pandemics.

There are 20 GBAC STAR Program Elements, each with specific performance and guidance criteria. We recommend reviewing the Readiness Assessment Checklist and the Recommendations for a Successful Accreditation before starting the application process.

The GBAC STAR Accreditation Program is based on quality management system principles and is similar in approach to other relevant industry programs like ISO 9001, ISO 45001, and ISO 35001.
Pricing is based on the size of your airport facility:
  • $500 – under 25,000 sq ft
  • $1,000 – 25,000 to 199,999 sq ft
  • $2,500 – 200,000 to 499,999 sq ft
  • $4,000 – 500,000 to 799,999 sq ft
  • $6,000 – 800,000 to 999,999 sq ft
  • $10,000 – 1,000,000 to 1,999,999 sq ft
  • $15,000 – 2,000,000+ sq ft

The GBAC Star Accreditation Fee includes:

  • Annual Membership with ISSA for the facility
  • One complimentary GBAC Fundamentals Online Course: Cleaning and Disinfection Principles per $1,000 (ex. A $10,000 GBAC Star accreditation fee allows for 10 training courses)
  • Discounted training once your facility receives the GBAC Star Accreditation
  • A certificate designating the facility as accredited
  • Use of the GBAC STAR logo and branding kit to create public awareness of your commitment

Note: Accreditation is for one year and your facility will need to renew after that term expires.