200547 - ACE Security Virtual Training

200547 - ACE Security Virtual Training
This web series course provides critical updates to the current ACE-Security body of knowledge. The course reviews information from the ACE-Security program. It adds information on public area security, insider threats, changes to the TSA screening checkpoint, and changes to the airport identification badge credentialing process, changes in TSA policy and procedures, and incorporating active shooter plans into your Airport Security Program. The aircraft operator security requirements are further clarified, with a focus on charter operations, and non-screened flight operations.
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5/26/2020 - 5/26/2021
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Friday, 01 May 2020

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Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Attacks on aviation continue to occur throughout the world and the United States. This section provides an overview of the attacks on aviation in recent years, the lessons learned, and the new challenges our industry faces, such as public area security and the insider threat.

Many changes have occurred in TSA policies and procedures, technologies, and practices. This session provides information on the new types of screening technologies, including automated carry-on bag systems, open-chamber millimeter-wave imaging machines, and the implementation of CT machines into the checkpoint. Although we do not yet know the full effects of the coronavirus pandemic on airport screening, however, this topic will be discussed as it relates to airport security.

The role of the Airport Security Coordinator continues to grow in responsibility and the knowledge required to perform the job at a level that provides a secure airport operating environment. Also addressed in this session are additional clarifications to the security areas and requirements of the airport access control system, with a focus on specific technologies and equipment necessary to provide security to the airfield and terminal building.

No other area of airport security has experienced more changes since 9/11 than the airport identification badge credentialing process. This session focuses exclusively on the entire badging process, including the role and responsibility of the Authorized Signatory, the Designated Aviation Channelers, and new methods in the badge issuance process.

The airport and aircraft operators are supposed to be partners in the protection of the aviation system from criminal acts and acts of terrorism. This session clarifies and expands the aircraft operator section of the ACE-Security modules. It addresses the priorities of the aircraft operator, their internal organizational security structure, and the boundaries of authority aircraft operators have, in security-related issues. Also provided is an update to aircraft charter security, air cargo security, and foreign aircraft operator security.

What keeps airport security managers up at night? A massive cyberattack at the airport? The bypass of the security alarm process, or a hacker infiltrating the badging database? What about the threat of drones to airport and flight operations? Do “swarm” drones present a viable risk? What are the current best practices at reducing the radicalized insider threat? This session addresses these and other potential threats to our aviation system.

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