200845 - Working With Airport Lighting Systems Virtual

200845 - Working With Airport Lighting Systems Virtual
If you are new to working with airport lighting systems, the material that is part of the following training series is essential for you to know and understand about Airport Lighting. This two-part series provides an overview of the performance requirements for airport lighting fixtures and the function they perform. Preventative maintenance programs are essential to keep these systems working. This training provides fundamental knowledge about airport lighting that you must know to safely maintain the lighting systems at your airport.  Photometric, electrical, and mechanical maintenance issues are presented as well as FAA EB 83A requirements and considerations.      There are dangerous voltages to be aware of as your work, along with other precautions you should be aware of to keep you safe. We will look at some of the basic systems and the critical safety visual signals provided to the pilot and important preventative maintenance practices required. With proper training, your job working with these systems can be very enjoyable and satisfying knowing what role you play in maintaining safety on the airport.

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8/25/2020 - 12/31/2021
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