210443OD - Civilian/Military Airport Connection

210443OD - Civilian/Military Airport Connection
The Civilian/Military Airport Connection (CMAC) Workshop helps separating military personnel and new veterans acclimate from managing military airfields to the dynamic and complex commercial-use airport environment.
The workshop provides an introduction to the commercial airport world giving attendees a grasp of the different missions and complexities of civilian airport operations. The focus will be on the significant differences and similarities, between military airport operations versus civilian, as well as civilian cultures, expectations and pitfalls. Attendees will also gain insight on how to approach the job market, including how to de-militarize resumes showing potential employers and HR representatives that candidates have the requisite skills for a career in civil aviation. We will also discuss various careers in airport management and how to position yourself for these positions.

QUESTIONS: Contact Amy Calliari at amy.calliari@aaae.org or 703-578-2506.

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5/20/2021 - 12/31/2022
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