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View/download the live attendance/in-person educational sessions at-a-glance (as of June 23, 2021). If you are participating in the virtual conference, visit the virtual agenda  for available sessions.

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Monday, July 12

9:15 AM - 10:30 AM

Education Session 1: One-on-One with the FAA Office of Airports

Get answers to your burning questions in this lively session. Hear from the senior leadership of the FAA Office of Airports on the most current information on funding, compliance, planning, and safety issues before the mic gets turned over to you.

Education Session 2: Coping with New Business Realities as Traditional Revenue Sources Evaporate

The pandemic has reshaped how airports earn and spend their revenues. Is your recovery plan addressing the new path forward? This session will dive into the issues surrounding the new airport business realities in a post-COVID-19 world such as capital sources, revenue diversification, cost cutting, and budgeting for ‘the new normal’.

Education Session 3: What You Don’t See – How to Address the Challenges of Invisible Disabilities

A significant portion of our population is disabled but we don’t know it because there are no visible signs. Looking at a post-pandemic world, many health experts predict that percentage is only going to grow. So how do airports recognize and accommodate both employees and passengers with such disabilities? Join us as we discuss the challenges and potential solutions, including assistance programs, compliance requirements, and construction considerations.

10:30 AM - 10:50 AM

Exhibitor Solutions Theater Presentation: Provide A First-Class Traveler Experience with Connected Restrooms and The KOLO(TM) Smart Monitoring System

Innovation Theater
GP Pro - Lance Marlow

2:00 PM - 3:15 PM

Education Session 4: Rebuilding Traveler Confidence and Trust – Part One: A Global Perspective

Welcoming the return of passengers to pre-pandemic levels is intrinsically tied to their belief that the air travel journey from departure-to-arrival airport is a healthy and safe experience. In part one this session, get a global perspective from various industry stakeholders on national governments and ICAO leadership as well as efforts to develop digital health/vaccine certificates, airbridges or travel bubbles/corridors to promote international travel.

Education Session 5: Emergency Management for the Next Global Pandemic

Public health experts have said it is not a question of if, but when the next global pandemic will strike. With lessons learned from the response to COVID-19, understand the steps to take in planning for the things that ‘can’t be planned for’. Leave this session better prepared for responding to and recovering from the next global health crisis.

Education Session 6: Mitigating Cyber Risk through Leadership and Management

As the number of devices carried and connected through Wi-Fi grows at airports across the country, so do the potential cybersecurity threats. Dealing with a risk of this magnitude requires that airport leaders and executive-level personnel understand the growing cybersecurity challenges faced by critical infrastructure managers in the U.S. today and how to ensure their IT departments and partners (e.g., airport vendors, other agencies) provide daily cyber risk mitigation procedures. What are your remediation measures?

3:45 PM - 5:00 PM

Education Session 7: Terminals of the Future: What 2020 Has Revealed About Future Airport Needs

Airports will need to carefully reexamine their terminals to meet the ‘new normal’. This session will take a deeper dive into the planning airports should do to design in conditions of uncertainty and recovery.

Education Session 8: The Pandemic’s Evolving Challenges to Airport Restaurant & Retail Operators

From serving a fundamental need to providing thoughtful experiences, airport restaurant and retail operators must evolve in the wake of the pandemic. Airport and industry leaders will share the current state of play in the recovery and share what new solutions may emerge post-pandemic.

Education Session 9: Are You Maximizing Cargo Operations at Your Airport?

The pandemic caused a big shift in the demand for the fast delivery of products to businesses and consumers. Is this shift here to stay and if so, what opportunities exist for airports of all sizes to meet the demand? Find out what the new reality of cargo will look like and learn what you can do to prepare.

Tuesday, July 13

9:00 AM - 10:15 AM

Education Session 10: Environmental Hot Topics

Explore existing concerns such as PFAS, noise mitigation, carbon emissions, and sustainability issues, and get ahead of what is developing in the realm of airport environmental issues. Find out what your peers are doing now and bring home fresh ideas.

Education Session 11: Putting the Success in Succession Planning: Training and Developing Airport Leaders

With the demographics of airport leadership changing at a much slower rate than the population, airports will soon be faced with a critical shortage of potential future leaders unless we focus now on training and developing a diverse workforce at every stage and in each generation. We will come together to discuss ideas and strategies for attracting diverse talent to the industry and maintaining strong training and development programs that retain diverse talent in this dynamic session.

Education Session 12: Emerging and Disruptive Technologies – How Should Airports Prepare and Adapt?

Emerging and disruptive technologies are a constant and whether we like it or not will make a significant impact on future airport operations and airspace. Get insight into which technologies are most likely to have the biggest impact and participate in a discussion about what you can do to prepare.

2:00 PM - 3:15 PM

Education Session 13: Rebuilding Traveler Confidence and Trust – Part Two

In part two of this session, get an insider’s perspective into the efforts of the Airport Consortium on Customer Trust (ACT) to develop and implement innovative ideas and solutions to restore passenger confidence in air travel.

Education Session 14: Friend or Foe: How Can Airports Navigate the Increased Use of Drones into the National Airspace System?

As the use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) grows, it is now more important than ever that an airport have a strategy for managing drone use in the airport operating environment. Some airports have taken steps to reduce drone risks and others are incorporating them into emergency response, inspections, and many other activities. Learn how airports and their federal and local partners are implementing drone initiatives during this can’t-miss session.

Education Session 15: Air Service: Now What?

How are airports rebuilding, maintaining, or attracting new air service in the pandemic world? Gain insight into success stories and best practices to determine the next steps for your airport.

3:30 PM - 4:45 PM

Education Session 16: Security & Facilitation Roundtable

Ask senior leaders from TSA and CBP about the security and facilitation issues most important to you. This open forum will allow you to bring home answers on the most critically important issues your airport faces today, while preparing for tomorrow.

Education Session 17: Leading Your Airport Like a Business

The depth and breadth of expertise required of today’s airport leaders is expansive, matching the complex, multi-faceted organizations they run. Operational know-how, business acumen, strategic thinking, consensus building, and effective public relations are essential skills for airport professionals looking to take or master the next step. This session will explore professional development and tactics and strategies effective airport executives have deployed to build career and airport success in a constantly changing industry.

Education Session 18: General Aviation Operations

Align your airport’s GA operations with industry best-practices in this dynamic session. Explore the latest insight into communicating with the GA community, the GA passenger experience, and more.