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Are You Recovering Costs? Having Difficulty with Curbside Enforcement?

Are you missing out on revenue from rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft? What about on-demand transportation from limo and app-based taxi companies? Rideshare companies are expanding quickly across the country, altering the landscape of traditional ground transportation sources. It's not a passing fad, meaning it's time to ask yourself:

  • Are you effectively recovering your costs? 
  • Has the increased demand for rideshare impacted your ability to do curbside enforcement?
  • Do you have enough visibility into the rideshare operations taking place at your airport?
  • Is your airport following best practices? 

See How SFO Increased Revenue and Enforcement Capability

The Solution

AAAE and SFO have partnered on a revolutionary solution to help you increase revenue and more efficiently manage curbside enforcement. Leveraging a solution developed by SFO, AAAE has provided its experience and expertise to bring you the AAAE App-Based Transportation (ABT) Clearinghouse. AAAE’s ABT Clearinghouse accepts data from each rideshare company, tracking driver events such as entries, exits, pickups, and drop-offs using geofence technology. 

Why ABT? 

How can ABT help your airport manage rideshare operations?

  • Compliance: Access to real-time data lets airport personnel use the ABT mobile app to quickly verify if a car is operating as a rideshare, allowing for increased enforcement capability.
  • Reconciliation: AAAE will serve as your ABT Clearinghouse to invoice, collect, remit and audit all fees on your behalf to ensure all trip fees are accurately accounted for.
  • Ease of Use: ABT is a comprehensive solution that provides real-time data that can be accessed via an online website. No need to download software or install hardware.
  • Community: ABT is a community of airports working toward an industry standard. 

Learn more

Contact Carter Morris at 703.578.2515 or, or Sarah Pilli at 703.797.2542 or