Are You Recovering Costs? Having Difficulty with Curbside Enforcement?

Are you missing out on revenue from ride share companies like Uber, SideCar and Lyft? What about on-demand transportation from limo and app-based taxi companies? Uber alone reports 160,000 drivers in January, doubling every six months, which means 500,000 Uber cars will be on the road by the end of 2015, meaning it's time to ask yourself:

  • Are you effectively recovering your costs? 
  • Has the increased demand for TNCs impacted your ability to do curbside enforcement?
  • Do you have enough visibility into the TNC operations taking place at your airport?

See How SFO Increased Revenue and Enforcement Capability

Get the Solution

AAAE and SFO have partnered on a revolutionary new solution to help you increase revenue and more efficiently manage curbside enforcement. Leveraging a solution developed by SFO, AAAE has provided its experience and expertise to bring you the AAAE App-Based Transportation (ABT) Clearinghouse. AAAE’s ABT Clearinghouse accepts data from each TNC in an agreed format for each of the following driver events:
  • When a driver enters the airport geo-fence
  • Any drop-off/pick-up within the geo-fence
  • When a driver exits the geo-fence

 You can reconcile and audit a monthly TNC self-reported invoice, while real time data allows you to maintain and enforce curbside compliance. ABT mobile app allows enforcement personnel to automatically run license plates to increase enforcement capability and audit companies. AAAE will serve as your ABT Clearinghouse to invoice, collect, remit and audit all fees on your behalf.

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