IET Learning Suite

Introducing IET Learning Suite - The Most Innovative Training System Available For Airports

IET Learning Suite (IET-LS) builds on the experience of the original Interactive Employee Training system, currently used by 100 airports. IET-LS is created specifically for airports, not adapted from a generic training solution, and not based on PowerPoint slides.

We use high definition video of your airport, and current e-Learning methodologies that truly enhance the learning experience.  The IET LS system can efficiently accommodate integration with other airport systems such as badging, providing a comprehensive and cost effective solution.

Key features of the new IET-LS include:

  • Cross-platform - IET-LS runs on multiple platforms, allowing employees to train in a variety of ways away from the training room and provides a heightened user experience through quality, high definition content and engaging interaction.
  • Recurrent training - Scenario based training content that tests application, not just knowledge, and can reduce training times up to seventy-five percent compared to using initial training for existing employees.
  • Flexible - Regulations, airport layouts and badge colors change over time, so the new IET- LS platform has been built to accommodate quick and easy changes and in some cases airports can make changes themselves.
  • Training Data System - IET-LS includes a comprehensive Training Data System, which writes scoring back to a central server and can communicate directly with your badging system.
Contact us to learn more about how the new IET-LS training system can help your airport maximize budget and training time, and to schedule a demo.

Pat Raker
Phone: 703.797.2522