The mission of the AAAE Transportation Security Services Committee is to monitor and coordinate aviation security issues that impact airport management through interaction with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), and our other partners in the aviation industry.

Mr. Terry Blue, A.A.E., ACEChairMemphis International
Mrs. Sarah J. Demory, A.A.E., ACEVice ChairCity of Phoenix Aviation
Mr. Richard W. King, A.A.E.Vice ChairSioux Falls Regional
Ms. Janulyn Y. LennonVice ChairHartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International
Ms. Colleen ChamberlainStaff

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About the Committee

Aviation security remains an ever-evolving and rapidly changing focus for airport operators with many moving parts from a legislative, regulatory and operational perspective. Under the leadership of Transportation Security Services Committee Chair Chad Makovsky from Dallas-Forth Worth International Airport and Vice-Chairs Terry Blue from Memphis International Airport, Sarah Demory from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, Jan Lennon from Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International Airport and Richard King from Sioux Falls Regional Airport, the Committee maintains a leadership focus on the following areas in order maximize the time, effort and resources of Committee members, pro-actively identify issues, and impact aviation security policy on Capitol Hill and with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA):
TSA Operations and Passenger Facilitation:  TSA as an operating agency has a major impact on our airport operations with TSA staffing of passenger checkpoints, canines deployments, TSA PreCheck availability and enrollment opportunities, to name just a few.  Committee leaders work with TSA’s Office of Security Operations on influencing these issues and making sure concerns that are important to airport operators are addressed by TSA.
Technology and Innovation: Technology plays a key role in implementing effective and efficient security measures.  TSA recently created its Innovation Task Force (ITF) to make advances in security technology by working better and faster with industry and private vendors to identify and pilot innovative security technology and processes.  Vice-Chair Terry Blue will monitor the activities of TSA’s ITF as well as continue to pursue airport priorities for traditional technologies that need to be upgraded or replaced, like in-line checked baggage screening systems, by working closely with TSA’s new Office of Requirements and Capability Analysis (ORCA).  As Vice President of Operations for Memphis International Airport, the busiest cargo airport in the Unites States and the second busiest in the world, Terry will also monitor cargo security initiatives and their impact on airports nationwide.
Regulatory Issues: As a relatively young agency, TSA has relied on Security Directives and Airport Security Program amendments to regulate the industry.  Given the Administration efforts on regulatory reform, TSA is beginning to transition to the more formal rulemaking process for a numbers of its initiatives as well as examining its existing rules and regulations to reduce burden on industry as required by various Executive Orders.  Vice-Chair Sarah Demory will provide the needed insight from smaller airports on the impact of both existing and proposed regulations by working with TSA’s Office of Security Policy and Industry Engagement (OSPIE) and the Quarterly Airport Security Review, a joint effort with AAAE, ACI-NA and TSA, on regulatory issues of importance to all airports.

Committee Oversight, Legislative, and other Issues:  Chair Chad Makovsky will provide committee oversight and direction, as well as serve as a point of contact for any emerging issues that don’t fit into the three strategic areas.  Chad and the rest of the Committee Leadership will also interface with AAAE Staff on legislative matters and priorities.

Committee members are encouraged to engage Committee leadership and AAAE Staff Liaison Colleen Chamberlain at any time.  We are here to help and support you.

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