Airport Legislative Alliance

Led by respected lobbyist Joel Bacon, the AAAE legislative affairs team – the Airport Legislative Alliance – provides strong and effective representation for America’s airport system on Capitol Hill and is widely acknowledged to be one of the best advocacy organizations in Washington, DC.  The ALA team is a go-to source for Members of Congress and Capitol Hill staff seeking airport viewpoints on key issues, and airports across the country have come to rely on the steady stream of information, intelligence, and insight that ALA professionals provide during every step of the legislative process.  With decades of collective experience advocating directly on behalf of airport executives, the ALA team has amassed an unparalleled record of results on behalf of airports, including billions of dollars in funding for airport development and security enhancements and the repeated defeat of attempts to expand the reach of federal agencies into areas traditionally controlled by airport operators.  Thanks to the active participation of its airport members, the ALA team is poised to continue delivering results for airport executives for many years to come.

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