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Rick Crider,  A.A.E.

Executive Vice President, Airport / Railport & Military Relations
Port San Antonio

Year joined?


Who is your industry mentor?

There’s no way to list just one; I worked for icons like Tom Greer and Randy Berg in Burbank, CA early in my career and count them among my mentors, and I’ve also had some great mentors that were not specifically involved in the airport industry. Larry Garrison is a retired USAF Major General, who I worked for at Rickenbacker in Columbus, OH and I certainly count him among my mentors. I feel that we’re all imperfect humans though, so I try to collect traits that I admire in others and apply them to my own career. Rather than focus on just one individual or mentor, I try to learn from many because I think most everyone has something to offer.

What has being involved in AAAE meant for your career?

I make the world’s best frozen Margarita; not bragging, even people that have lived in San Antonio their entire lives tell me that I make the best Margarita, which validates my assertion.

Favorite airport code?


Dream destination?

Chamonix, France

If someone wrote a biography about you, what would be the title?

I have so many fond memories of AAAE and the many meetings I’ve attended, but one that stands out in my mind is the Annual Conference that took place in Dallas, Texas ten or twelve years ago. The new Cowboy Stadium had recently opened, and the host event w

What has AAAE training/certification meant to you?

I recognized early in my career that being accredited places you in an elite group of airport professionals. Accreditation helped me advance in my career because it’s a clear differentiator that sets you apart from others in a competitive field. Training and experience are certainly important, but having the credential helps you stand out in a crowd. The AAAE training and meetings have also been central to the development of my network of peers, and now friends. An educational focus on airport professionals, as opposed to employers, is very personal and geared to the individual - connecting people rather than problems/solutions. This is the niche that AAAE fulfills so well in the association world.

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