Determine Your Eligibility

A prospective accreditation candidate must:

  • be at least 21 years old;
  • have current affiliate membership in AAAE or IAAE; Click Here to Join, if you are not an Affiliate member
  • have worked full time for a public-use airport for at least one consecutive year and currently work for a public use airport*
  • have either a four-year college degree or eight years of civil airport management** experience

*Prior military experience may exempt you from the one-year of public-use airport experience, but you must be currently working for a public use airport to apply (documentation required).

**Accreditation candidates may substitute civil airport management experience on a two-years-for-one basis, with a total of eight years of experience substituting for a four-year college degree.


Candidates upgrading from the Certified Member Program:

Candidates enrolled in the Certified Member program who wish to upgrade to the accreditation program may do so at any time, provided that the above pre-requisites are met. The fee to upgrade to the accreditation program is $50; successful completion of the C.M. program and / or multiple-choice exam is not necessary to enroll, provided that you’ve met the pre-requisites listed above. Candidates who are C.M.’s and have completed the multiple-choice exam will advance to the writing phase of the accreditation program.