A.F.O. Program Pre-Requisites

Prospective A.F.O. candidates must meet the following requirements to be accepted into the program:

Successful completion of the Airport Master Firefighter (A.M.F.) program

Not required to hold a formal rank of officer to participate

Completion of forty hours of Incident Command/Management Level Training

  • Most departments have different requirements for officer level training. For this requirement to be met, candidates will need to provide documentation meeting this prerequisite and be approved by the ARFF Working Group Educational Affairs Committee. Examples of acceptable courses would be the PICO and STICO, Command and Control Classes from the National Fire Academy, NIMS 300 & 400, a Fire Officer I program, or a college level management course.

NFA/EMI Emergency Management Institute IS-120.c – An Introduction to Exercises Course

  • On-line self-Study Course

NFA/EMI Emergency Management Institute IS 130.a – Exercise Evaluation and Improvement Planning Course*

  • On-line Self Study Course

NFA/EMI Emergency Management Institute IS 139.a – Exercise Design Course*

  • On-line Self Study Course

Department of Homeland Security Exercise Evaluation Program (HSEEP) L-146 class will count as equivalency for both the IS-130.a and IS-139.a classes

How to Register for the A.F.O. Program
Prior to officially enrolling into the A.F.O. program, candidates are to submit a registration package containing the above documents.

The required information is to be accompanied by a signed cover letter (on an official letterhead) by the Airport Fire Chief or lead ARFF official verifying the information submitted was correct and showing support from the department.

The Airport Fire Chief or lead ARFF official is to include in the cover letter an overview of the documents submitted as well as support of the candidate to be enrolled into the program(s). In addition, the supporter signing the letter must include his or her rank at the firehouse and contact information (phone number and email).

Registration packages may be submitted electronically via email to the ARFF Working Group at info@arffwg.org or to AAAE at trainingdept@aaae.org

Upon successful verification from the AAAE/ARFFWG Joint Training Program Committee, the Airport Fire Chief or lead ARFF official will receive correspondence from the committee, by phone or email, for the candidate to officially register for the program.

Please note: Candidates must independently register for both the A.M.F. and A.F.O. programs.