Course Content and Structure

The A.M.F. exam consists of 150 Multiple Choice questions that the candidate must pass with a 70% or better to successfully earn the A.M.F. designation and proceed to the next level of the ARFF Professional Designation Program; the Airport Fire Officer (A.F.O.) Program.  The exam will cover the following areas of ARFF Operations and Airport Administration/Management (see also A.M.F. Study Materials):
  • American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE) Accreditation Body of Knowledge Modules (extracted sections)**
  • Federal Aviation Regulations**:
    • Part 139.315 - .319: ARFF
    • Part 139.321: Handling and Storage of Hazardous Substances and Materials 
    • Part 139.325: Airport Emergency Plan (AEP)
  1. Federal Aviation Administration Advisory Circulars (AC)
  2. AC 150/5200-12C: First Responders’ Responsibility for Protecting Evidence at the Scene of an Aircraft Accident/Incident
  3. AC 150/5210-17B: Programs for Training of Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Personnel
  4. AC 150-5210-23: ARFF Vehicle and High Reach Extendable Turret (HRET) Operation, Training and Qualifications 
(A.M.F. Supplement consists of excerpts from the Certified Member (C.M.) modules to include: Airport Operations/Security/Maintenance, Airport Finance/Administration, Legislative Affairs/Marketing/Communications/Air Service Development.  The supplement also includes the above listed FAA Advisory Circulars and Part 139.315-.321 and 139.325)
  • IFSTA 6th Edition*

AAAE and the ARFFWG does not provide candidates access to the NFPA or IFSTA 6th Edition materials.  Most airport firehouses have access to this information. - IFSTA 6th Edition

*Candidates to obtain this resource on-own
**Document included in A.M.F. Supplement
***A.M.F. Supplement provided to all enrolled candidates electronically at no extra charge

All candidates, upon enrollment, will be given electronic access to the following materials:
  • AAAE/ARFFWG ARFF Designation Learning Guide
  • A.M.F. Supplement

These materials may also be purchased in hard copy format and mailed to the candidate at an additional cost of $20.00 each.  See Program Application for more information.

How to Schedule the AMF Online Exam

The comprehensive final examination consists of 150 multiple-choice questions and is designed to professionally assess the candidates’ knowledge of ARFF Operations and Airport Administration/Management.

The examination may be taken at any AAAE or ARFFWG conference, AAAE Headquarters, a local college, or the firehouse. The examination may be proctored by the following individuals:

  • ARFF Chief or ARFF Training Supervisor
  • Accredited Airport Executive (A.A.E.)
  • AAAE Staff Member
  • ARFFWG Director/Manager
  • College Professor
  • High School Principal
  • Testing Facility

When proctored locally by any of the above individuals, proof of this agreement must be demonstrated via formal letter on the proctor’s own letterhead containing the following information:

  • Proctor’s name and contact information (including email address)
  • Candidates name(s)
  • Intentions to proctor the examination(s)
  • Date, time, and location of exam

The proctor letter must be submitted to AAAE via email at least two weeks before the examination date.
Examination information will be sent from the AAAE office directly to the proctor via email approximately two days prior to the examination.

The A.M.F. exam is to be taken over the internet if proctored locally. On a case-by-case basis, the candidate may elect to have a hard copy exam mailed to the proctor in the event the candidate and/or proctor do not have sufficient computer or internet capability.

Proctors may submit official Proctor Letters to