A.M.F. Program Requirements

Prospective A.M.F. candidates must meet the following requirements to be accepted into the program:
  • Possess three years documented experience as an Airport Firefighter
    (Candidates can substitute ARFF experience with four years of documented structural firefighting experience for every one year of ARFF experience sought, regardless of rank. All other prerequisites must be met in order to qualify)
  • Completion of completion of a Basic ARFF Training Program*
  • Completion of National Incident Management System (NIMS) 100/200/700


How to Register for the A.M.F. Program

Prior to officially enrolling into the A.M.F. program, candidates are to submit a registration package containing the following documents:
  • Resume verifying at least 3 years documented experience as an airport firefighter
  • Certificate of completion of a Basic ARFF Training Program*
  • Certificates of completion of NIMS 100/200/700
The Basic ARFF Training Program must include training to meet or exceed the requirements of NFPA 1003: Standard for Airport Fire Fighter Professional Qualifications, or, at a minimum include the training topics required by Federal Aviation Regulations Part 139.319, or the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) equivalent. In lieu of a certificate, a transcript that includes the ARFF training topics and date(s) of training may be submitted as proof of training and is subject to review and approval by the ARFFWG Educational Affairs Committee.


The required information is to be accompanied by a signed cover letter (on an official letterhead) by the Airport Fire Chief or lead ARFF official verifying the information submitted was correct and showing support from the department.

The Airport Fire Chief or lead ARFF official is to include in the cover letter an overview of the documents submitted as well as support of the candidate to be enrolled into the program(s). In addition, the supporter signing the letter must include his or her rank at the firehouse and contact information (phone number and email).


Registration packages and questions may be submitted electronically to trainingdept@aaae.org.

You may also fax to 703.820.1395, or mail to:
Attn: Training Department

American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE)

The Barclay Building

601 Madison St.

Alexandria, VA 22314

Upon successful verification from the AAAE/ARFFWG Joint Training Program Committee, the candidate will receive correspondence from the committee by email, for the candidate to officially register for the program.

Once payment has been reflected to the individuals account, a formal Letter of Acceptance (LOA) will be emailed to the candidate. The LOA will consist of welcoming remarks into the program as well information about the program and materials. The letter will also have a website link to access some of the required materials online.
  • Candidates must independently register for both the AMF and AFO programs


Grandfather Clause

Participants who completed the predecessor ARFF programs (Certified Firefighter C.F. and/or Certified Master Firefighter C.M.F.) will be recognized for the participation.

C.F. to A.M.F. will require a copy of the original certification. A new certificate will be issued via email at no cost to the applicant.

C.M.F. to A.F.O. will require a copy of the original (graded) research paper. A new certificate, patch, and pin will be issued. There will be a $25 cost for the managerial expenses. The research will also be added to the ARFF Training Alliance library.


If you have received either of these predecessor designations and would like to be recognized for participation under the new programs, please fill out the Grandfather Clause Registration form and submit copies of the required documentation and certificates previously mentioned to the Training Department or fax at 703.820.1395. Scanned and emailed copies of the documents and form are acceptable as well.

Contact Us
Email - trainingdept@aaae.org
Phone - 703-824-0500 ext. 100 or 115