Prove your knowledge of the structure of ARFF organizations, their standards and regulations, and the fiduciary responsibilities involved in leading an ARFF organization by earning your A.F.O.

The A.F.O. professional designation program is designed for existing and aspiring leaders in the ARFF profession. The program prerequisites ensure that a candidate has obtained and mastered the necessary baseline as an Airport Master Firefighter.


  • Increase your credibility and that of your airport by showing your expertise with the A.F.O. designation after your name
  • Expand on what you learned from the A.M.F. program while enhancing your research and writing skills
  • Increase your promotional and career opportunities in the field of ARFF
  • Gain industry-wide recognition through AAAE and ARFFWG media-related announcements and releases

Questions? Contact the AAAE Training Department or the ARFFWG at

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Download the A.F.O. Program Application Here

*Please note that payment for the program does not indicate your acceptance. A full registration packet must be submitted to be accepted to the A.F.O. program. For more information on the application process please refer to the requirements section on this page.