After I complete the ASC Online Certification, can I begin acting as the ASC at my airport?
While you have completed this program you will not be a fully trained Airport Security Coordinator until you do three more things. First, reference the TSA's 1542 Airport Security Program Guidance, which is an SSI document, to familiarize yourself with all applicable procedures and policies. Second, obtain a copy of the Recommended Security Guidance for Airport Planning, Design and Construction, and third, review your own Airport Security Program so that you completely comprehend the requirements for your airport.

You should also consider earning your Airport Certified Employee-Security designation to fully round out your airport security knowledge.

How many questions are on the final exam?
There are 10 multiple choice questions on the final exam, and you will have 3 attempts to pass it.

Are there any supplemental documents that I can use to assist me with the final exam?
Yes. Included with the program fee is the Airport Security Coordinator (ASC) Online Certification Workbook. This workbook is the same workbook as students receive during the live class, and goes into more detail on the ASC role.

What happens if I do not pass the final examination after the third attempt?
If you should fail to pass the final 10-question exam with a 70%, or greater, you will be required to take the entire course over again, and pay the program fee again.